15 Black and White Cow Breeds [Dairy and Beef Cows!]

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Black and white cow breeds! When you think about cows, you probably remember the ones that produce milk. That is likely the Holstein-Friesian dairy cow, the famous dairy cow with white and black spots! (And one of our favorite dairy cows, too.)

Even though many dairy farmers use Holstein cows because they produce more milk than the others, there are countless other black and white cow breeds as well!

But how many black and white cow breeds exist? Well, there are at least 15 we can think of after brainstorming for a few minutes. Each cow breed has unique characteristics, and I remember how excited I was to learn that each type has its purpose!

Let’s look at these black and white cows in closer detail. And we’ll also analyze a few interesting facts about these intriguing farmyard creatures. Sound good?

15 Black and White Cows

An infographic depicting 15 stunning black and white cow breeds, from the Holstein to the Belted Galloway, the German Black Pied and the Texas Longhorn! Check out our favorite black and white cow breeds, with stunning photos.

Here are our 15 favorite black and white cows. We’ll start with one of the most famous American dairy cows. The Holstein!

1. Holstein-Friesian Cows

black and white holstein cow relaxing in field
Here’s one of our favorite black and white cow breeds. The Holstein-Friesian! This prolific breed hails from Friesland and northern Holland. If you’re an American milk drinker, you owe these hard-working cows lots of credit. Around 90% of dairy milk in the US is the product of Holstein-Friesian cows. That’s likely why this cow is relaxing in a field. After all the hard these cows put in, they deserve time to rest!
Cow Name:Holstein-Friesian Cows.
Other Names:Holsteins, Friesians.
Coat Colors:Black and white.
Description:Prolific dairy cows. Arguably the most easily-recognizable American dairy cow.
Association:Holstein Association USA.
The Holstein-Friesian Cow Profile

Given that we’re unabashed Holstein cow fans, it is at the top of our list. Holsteins received their name because they got produced by breeding black Batavian cattle with the white Friesians, leading to the characteristics spotting pattern during the 17th century. The first Holstein cow arrived in the United States in the 19th century and has been the most popular dairy breed ever since.

You will recognize this cow because it is the one you probably see on local dairy farms. Holstein cows produce a tremendous amount of milk. Upwards of 25,000 pounds per year!

On average, these cows produce milk for about six years. They get milked approximately three times per day.

2. The Texas Longhorn

texas longhorn bull foraging in green pastures on idaho farm
Check out this powerful-looking black cattle with white markings. The Texas Longhorn! Texas Longhorns are cattle industry heavy hitters and productive beef cows. Their appearance ranges from orange or reddish and speckled to black and white. They’re also famous for being a tremendously adaptable breed and are one of the original larger breeds from North America. (The first Texas Longhorn came to America over 500 years ago, and they’ve been here ever since!)
Cow Name:The Texas Longhorn.
Other Names:Texas Longhorn Cattle.
Coat Colors:Various colors. Red, orange, black, and white. They may have speckles.
Description:One of the toughest-looking cows with legendary horns.
Association:Texas Longhorn Breeders Association.
The Texas Longhorn Cow Profile

The Texas Longhorn is a cow in orange plus several black and white patterns. It is known to be exceedingly intelligent and has horns that define a well-earned prestige. The Texas Longhorn is also famous for exceptionally high fertility rates and calves that are easy to raise.

During the past few decades, Texas Longhorn cows have become among the most popular breeds in the industry because they produce lean, tender, quality beef. Usually, when Texas Longhorns are fully grown, they weigh around 1,500 pounds. They also tend to stand between four and five feet in height from hoof to shoulder.

3. Blaarkop

two cheerful looking blaarkop cows in a field
Here’s a lovely black and white cow breed that are surprisingly little-known outside breed societies and dairy industry circles. We’re talking about the Blaarkop cow! Blaarkop cows have black bodies with white spotting around their head and bellies. As you see in the photo above, some Blaarkop cows are red. But, the red Blaarkop cows are rare and only exist in around five percent of the population.
Cow Name:Blaarkop.
Other Names:Groningen cattle, Gronings.
Coat Colors:Red and white, black and white.
Description:Famous dairy cow from the Netherlands.
The Blaarkop Cow Profile

The Blaarkop is a Dutch cow breed with a black and white coat. When translated, it means blister head. Blister head refers to the patches of color the cows get around their eyes. Even though the exact pattern can vary from cow to cow, the distinctive white belly makes them relatively easy to spot.

The bloodline of these cows dates back to the 14th century. Today, it is still popular, particularly in the Netherlands. Blaarkop is one of the most versatile dairy cow breeds. They also get used for meat production. When fully grown, this cow can weigh approximately 1,300 pounds and stands about four feet in height.

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4. Lakenvelder

lakenvelder dairy cattle grazing in a green meadow
Here you see three beautiful Lakenvelder cows grazing on a farm in the Netherlands. Lakenvelder cattle are famous for their lovely belted appearance and docile temperaments. They’re also versatile farm animals suitable for meat or milk production.
Cow Name:Lakenvelder.
Other Names:Dutch Belted Cattle.
Coat Colors:Black and white.
Description:These lovely dairy cows are known for their black coats and thick white belts.
Association:Dutch Belted Association.
The Lakenvelder Cow Profile

Another famous black and white cow is called the Lakenvelder. Also known as the Dutch belted cattle, these striped cows received their name because of their appearance. It is primarily black with a thick white stripe going down its center. You can find this cow in Australia and Switzerland, but it is also frequently found in the Netherlands, thus its name.

Even though Lakenvelder cows originally got bred to produce milk, they are more commonly used for beef today. They have a stocky frame that makes them perfect for delicious steak. When fully grown, they tend to stand about 4.5 feet in height.

5. Galloway

white galloway cows standing in green pasture
Galloways are average-sized polled beef breeds with reputations as excellent foragers. We also read from Britannica that Galloways may share a similar lineage to Angus cows. We’re not surprised. We think Galloways resemble Black Angus cows! However, Galloways aren’t always black. As you see in the image above, some Galloways are white with black markings. We also read that Galloways are one of the oldest British cattle breeds.
Cow Name:Galloway.
Coat Colors:White with black spots. Also black or red.
Description:These vigorous Scottish cattle are known for their thick black coats. But not all of them are black!
Association:American Galloway Breeders Association.
The Galloway Cow Profile

Another popular breed of black and white cow is called the Galloway. Galloways are known for their ability to survive in tremendously cold weather conditions. It has a double coat, providing it with some additional insulation. Galloways are medium-sized cows primarily bred to produce beef.

There is even a breed of miniature Galloway. They are more closely related to traditional galloways than Belted Galloways, but there are some miniature Belted Galloways too. Typically, these Mini Galloways are no more than four feet.

6. Belted Galloway

black and white belted galloway cows in a meadow
Here you see one of our favorite black and white cow breeds. It’s a few beautiful Belted Galloways grazing on an idyllic Lancashire Parbold, England farm. Most Belted Galloway cows have black or red colorings with a prominent white belt. Like Galloways, Belted Galloways are famously hardy and can survive in harsh climates.
Cow Name:Belted Galloway.
Other Names:Panda Cow, Beltie, Oreo Cookie Cows.
Purpose:Beef, weed-whacking.
Coat Colors:Usually black and white, but also dark orange (red) or brown.
Description:It’s easy to recognize these meat cows by their coats. They usually have dark orange or black coats with thick white belts.
Association:Belted Galloway Society.
The Belted Galloway Cow Profile

There are multiple varieties of the Galloway cow, including the Belted Galloway. The main difference between the Galloway and the Belted Galloway is a distinctive white belt along the trunk. Like the traditional Galloway, the Belted Galloway has a double-haired coat and can withstand harsh winter conditions. It also gets bred to produce beef.

7. The Randall Lineback

randall lineback cow relaxing in field
Randall Lineback cows are lovely white animals that you may recognize if you’re a farmer from New England. Randall cows are a hidden gem for farmers as they offer outstanding milk production, a quiet temperament, and suitable meat. One of the only problems with Randall Lineback cows is they’re tremendously hard to find. We read an excellent article from the Cornell blog about Saving the Randall Cattle Breed. In the article, David Randall proclaims Randall cows as the perfect homestead cow – and says their milk is excellent for cheese and butter. Sounds good to us!
Cow Name:The Randall Lineback.
Purpose:Beef, dairy, draught.
Coat Colors:Black and white, and sometimes slight hints of blue or gray.
Description:Randall cattle look like Holstein cows. They were once prominent in New England.
Association:Randall Lineback Breed Association.
The Randall Lineback Cow Profile

The Randall Lineback cow is known for its white and black markings. And a white line running along its back. Randall cows are known to have a very gentle disposition. They are also an interesting genetic mix, bred from a combination of many other cow breeds over several years.

Now, the Lineback Cattle Association is responsible for tracking the breed. It is a versatile cow used for milk and beef production, making it a dual-purpose breed. These cows can weigh anywhere from 1,100 to 1,600 pounds.

8. Girolando

lovely black and white girolando cow
Girolando cows are a Brazillian cattle breed adapted for surviving in hot and tropical conditions. They’re a mix between Holstein cows and Gyr cows. We’ve noticed that Girolando coats range from black and white to pure black and speckled. (We also read an intriguing news entry about producing Girolando calves on a South Carolina farm. The goal is to use Girolando cows to help feed the developing world in locations where hot tropical weather diminishes traditional dairy cow production.)
Cow Name:Girolando.
Purpose:Tropical dairy cow.
Coat Colors:Black or black and white.
Description:A prolific dairy cow famous in Brazil for withstanding tropical climates.
Association:Association of Giroland Breeders.
The Girolando Cow Profile

The Girolando cow is native to Brazil and does a great job standing up to extreme heat and tropical climate. In addition, Girolando cows are highly resistant to tropical diseases. The cow is also well-known because it does not require much assistance to find food – they are foraging experts.

Girolando cows developed when a Holstein and Gyr cow were bred together in Brazil to increase dairy production in the country.

Because some may bear a lot of physical resemblance to the classic Holstein cow, they are easily confused. However, it is unique species. It is responsible for the vast majority of milk production in Brazil. Fully grown Girolando cows stand between 4 and 4.5 ft in height.

9. Chianina

powerful looking chianina cattle breed on pasture
Here’s the most muscular black and white cow breed we’ve seen. The Chianina cattle! They’re a lovely Italian beef breed popular in the US. If your gut instinct tells you that Chianina cows look like an ancient breed, then you’re 100% correct. We’ve read from multiple sources that the Chianina is one of the oldest cattle breeds known to human farmers and ranchers.
Cow Name:Chianina.
Other Names:Chianina del Valdarno.
Purpose:Beef, draught.
Coat Colors:White with black details like hooves, lips, and muzzle.
Description:One of the strongest and beefiest black and white cows on this list. It’s the boss of the farm!
Association:American Chianina Association.
The Chianina Cow Profile

Chianina cows are among the oldest breeds on the planet. They date back to ancient Rome, and the cows are native to the western regions of Italy.

The cow was able to survive in a wide variety of environmental conditions, but that also means that it has adapted to survive in different areas. Therefore, these cows can vary significantly in terms of height and weight. While they have traditionally been used as draft animals to work the fields, today, they are more commonly used to produce fresh beef.

10. Florida Cracker

horned florida cracker cattle standing in a field
Florida Cracker cows are another old-school American cattle breed. Florida Crackers date back to the 16th century when Spanish settlers brought them to the Americas, long before the country’s founding. Florida Cattle cows are tough-looking cows, and they have a constitution that meets up to their appearance. They’re known for parasitic and disease immunity and are among the least picky foragers on this black-and-white cow list.
Cow Name:Florida Cracker.
Other Names:Native Florida Cattle, Florida Scrub
Coat Colors:Various colors. Black and white, red, orange, speckled.
Description:A cow famous for getting introduced to the Americas by Spanish conquistadors.
Association:Florida Cracker Cattle Association.
The Florida Cracker Profile

The Florida Cracker cow is an American cattle breed that dates back to the time of Spanish Florida. Now, it ties closely to the state of Florida. Also known as Florida Scrub, this cow breed is mainly used for meat production, although it can also produce milk.

There have been some concerns regarding the Florida Cracker population during the past few years. But diligent work by the local association has led to an increase in its numbers.

11. White Park

horned white park cattle standing in field
The Ancient White Park (Not to be confused with the British White or the American White Park) is a tremendously rare British cattle breed. They have long, luxuriant horns reminiscent of Texas Longhorns. We think these triple-purpose animals are lovely additions to any homestead. Unfortunately, fewer than 50 White Park breeding cows exist in the US. They are also listed as threatened within The Livestock Conservancy.
Cow Name:White Park.
Other Names:Ancient White Park.
Purpose:Beef, dairy, draught.
Coat Colors:White with black details like nose, hooves, and ears.
Description:A tremendously rare, versatile, and endangered horned cattle.
The White Park Cow Profile

White Park is a traditional, old breed of cow commonly found in the UK. These cows date back thousands of years and are known to have a white coat with some black freckles. The cow also has large, curved horns giving the face a distinctive appearance.

The cow breed is generally fully grown around 30 months and is known for its lean meat. Bulls tend to weigh around 2,100 pounds, while females are approximately 1,400 pounds.

12. Speckle Park

speckle park cow outside during snowy winter
Speckle Park cows are one of our favorite black and white cow breeds! We love how these cows look. Most have black body colors with white speckling. However, some are dominantly white with sparse black speckles. (Speckle Park cows with white coats usually have black feet and facial features.)
Cow Name:Speckle Park.
Coat Colors:White with black details. Or black with white details. Speckle Park coats may contain black or white speckles.
Description:Speckle Park cows are one of the coolest-looking black and white cows on this list.
Association:American Speckle Park Association.
The Speckle Park Cow Profile

Speckle Park is a Canadian breed of cattle. It was developed by crossbreeding Shorthorn and British Aberdeen Angus cows. The breed got its name from its speckled, spotted pattern.

During the past few years, Speckle Park cows have gone to other locations, such as the UK, Ireland, and Australia. It is also listed as an endangered breed in Canada because the numbers of relatively low. Speckle Park cows primarily get bred for beef production.

13. British White

british white cattle exploring on alabama farmland
British White cows (not to be confused with American White Cows) are a tremendously rare British cattle breed. Most British Whites cattle have white coats with black spots around their eyes, feet, and nose. You’ll also notice that these beautiful (and naturally-polled) beef animals lack horns. (British White cows are on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust watchlist.)
Cow Name:British White.
Purpose:Beef, dairy.
Coat Colors:British Whites usually have white coats with black or red speckles around their hooves, ears, and muzzle.
Description:A tremendously rare, versatile, and endangered horned cattle.
Association:British White Cattle Association.
The British White Cow Profile

The British White is a cattle breed that dates back to ancient times. They are listed as a critical cow breed in Australia because the populations are relatively low, but they are also resilient, productive, and hardy cows. They do not have any horns and are known to be gentle animals. British White cows are impressive because they are beef and milk cows.

The cow is known for its black muzzle, white coat, blue-pigmented skin, and occasional black spots. The black hooves and black tongue also make this cow distinctive. Cows tend to weigh 1,000 to 1,500 pounds, and bulls weigh between 1,800 and 2,300 pounds, making it one of the larger cattle breeds.

14. German Black Pied

white and black dairy cattle on rural farm
Here’s another excellent black and white cattle breed. The German Black Pied cow! They’re dairy cows originating from Holstein Friesian and Jersey cows. German Black Pied cows remind us of slimmer versions of Holstein cows as they have the traditional black and white coats that Holsteins bear. Like other cows on this list, German Black Pied cows are rare. We read that Germany only contains approximately 2,550 of these dual-purpose beauties.
Cow Name:German Black Pied.
Coat Colors:German Black Pied come in a few variations. White and black, red pied, or red.
Description:Cross between Holstein and Jersey cows. Many German Black Pied cows look like Holsteins. Only smaller!
The German Black Pied Cow Profile

The German Black Pied is a dairy cow that is native to the North Sea coast in the Netherlands and Germany.

German Black Pied cows are significantly smaller than traditional Holstein cows. It also does not produce nearly as much milk, but it does live for a much longer amount of time. It also does not have the same strength as some of the larger cow breeds, meaning they are unpopular draft animals.

15. Dhanni

dhanni cattle standing in rural barn
Dhanni cows are another example of rare black and white cow breeds that many American ranchers have never seen. When researching black and white cattle breeds, we couldn’t find much reliable data regarding the Dhanni cattle. Nor could we find a better photo to share! However, we know they hail from India and Pakistan. They also have a prominent hump on their backs. And we know that Dhanni cows with black with white spots get called Kala Burga cows. (They also come in other colors. Some are primarily white cattle.)
Cow Name:Dhanni Cattle.
Other Names:Chitta Burga, Kala Burga.
Coat Colors:White with black speckles, black with white speckles, and red with white speckles..
Description:Medium-sized yet strong draught animals with a marked hump on their backs.
The Dhanni Cow Profile

The Dhanni cow is a black and white cow frequently found around Pakistan. The lineage has been rumored to date back to the Alexander the Great era, with records indicating that Alexander may have brought these cows back from his adventures. Most of these cows typically have white coats with some red, brown, and black spots. It is a draft animal often used to work in the fields.

It has a markedly straight back, a small head, and stumpy horns. The tail frequently ends with a white switch. There are several variations of Dhanni cows, and they are differentiated depending on the coat and spot pattern.

The animal is known to be very agile, which makes it great for working in the fields. Fully grown Dhanni cows can weigh 800 pounds (for males) or 650 pounds (for females).


Cows are one of the most productive dairy animals for homesteaders, ranchers, and farmers. And we think all cows are excellent additions. No matter the breed!

And we love talking about them! So we hope you enjoyed our list of lovely black and white cow breeds. Which black and white cow is your favorite?

Or – did we miss any cow breeds?

Let us know!

Thanks for reading.

Have a great day!

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