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How to Eat Zucchini in 87 Different Ways – Use Your Bountiful Zucchini Harvest

If you’re like me, your garden produces an abundance of some vegetables and not enough of others. Zucchinis are growing particularly well this year and I wondered how to eat zucchini in different ways.

I’m adding zucchini to lots of meals but as you’ll see, there are more ways to use zucchini than you ever dreamed of!

We can give them away, sure, to neighbors, food banks, charities. We can sell them too. But I really wanted to focus on the meals I can make with them, get a bit creative, you know! Broaden our veggie-horizon, and all that.

I’ve found lots! So many, in fact, that we could eat zucchini every single day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And here I was, thinking I had too many zucchinis… Look at this list, there’s no such thing as “too many zucchinis”! 

How to Eat Zucchini in 87 Different Ways

  1. Zucchini hummus 
  2. Ratatouille. I’ve included a photo of this at the bottom of the list, don’t miss it, it’s gorgeous!
  3. Kolokithia Yemista (Greek stuffed zucchini) 
  4. Juice them. Zucchini is really mild in juices
  5. Grated Zucchini Kraut (This is seriously addictive and super healthy being fermented!) 
  6. Zucchini relish (All Recipes)
  7. Busy Person’s Zucchini Relish (the recipe that will save you when you’re drowning in zucchini! By Lehman’s.)
  8. Sourdough Zucchini Banana Bread 
  9. No-Bake Zucchini Lasagna 
  10. Sweet Zucchini relish 
  11. Zucchini noodles – Zoodles recipe. Oxo makes a great spiralizer for zucchini and other veg. 
  12. Zucchini Tots 
  13. Zucchini fries
  14. Sicilian spiedini of chicken and zucchini 
  15. Zucchini soup
  16. Air fryer zucchini (recipe). Ninja Foodi makes a 9-in-1 pressure cooker, air fryer, slow cooker, and more. Over 8,500 reviews on Amazon can’t be wrong.
  17. Zucchini tabouleh 
  18. Zucchini enchiladas 
  19. Lacto-fermented dilled zucchini relish 
  20. Red Lentil Zucchini fritters 
  21. Zucchini bread (cook double or triple and freeze the extra loaves, they freeze well!)
  22. Shred or grate it and freeze it. It freezes really well and you can use it in cakes, smoothies, and other recipes.
  23. Papoutsakia (stuffed zucchinis) 
  24. Brownies. Zucchinis make brownies nice and moist. 
  25. Add to tacos, sauces, pasta bakes, and lasagna.
  26. Zucchini jam
  27. Zucchini roll-ups
  28. Zucchini pie
  29. “Big Boy” zucchini in the crockpot 
  30. Pickle them like pickles
  31. Dehydrated zucchini. Slice thinly, dehydrate to make zucchini chips. I also did a roundup of 49 unusual foods to dehydrate in your dehydrator, it includes things like french toast, mushrooms, and sauerkraut! And my favorite dehydrator, just in case you’re looking for one. 
  32. Zucchini salsa
  33. Mock Pineapple and use in cakes, for kids’ lunches, anything you’d use pineapple in!
  34. Zucchini slice
  35. Lacto-fermented zucchini cucumber relish 
  36. Mexican zucchini soup
  37. Sweet Mustard Zucchini pickles
  38. Pressure can it in spaghetti sauce or tomato juice. Diced or sliced. Use later in chili, soups, and stews
  39. Dehydrate and powder for seasoning or soup mix
  40. Zucchini flour
  41. Zucchini jelly
  42. Canned zucchini with tomatoes
  43. Mock strawberry jam. You’d make it just like jam, except use equal parts zucchini and sugar. Add lemon juice and a bit of water. Once it’s hot, you add a large box of strawberry jello. Yum!
  44. Gluten-free whole grain zucchini sourdough bread 
  45. Zucchini bread and butter pickles
  46. Zuke Muffins 
  47. Mock apple pie filling
  48. Zucchini casserole
  49. Soak in pineapple juice and dehydrate. They taste like candy! Would work with other fruit juices too I should think. 
  50. Roast them in the oven. Add garlic and parmesan cheese. 
  51. Make zucchini spirals and fry with some oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. 
  52. Add to burgers. Adding zucchini to the mix before cooking makes the burgers nice and moist. 
  53. Add to sausage rolls
  54. Turn them into vegetarian burger patties with beans and eggs. 
  55. Make zucchini pancakes. 
  56. Japanese okonomiyaki
  57. Zucchini pizza
  58. Egg Foo Yung
  59. Add to omelets
  60. Shrimp Scampi Noodles
  61. Zucchini boats. Cut in half, remove the inside, and fill with meat mix of choice. Bake in the oven, this is super yum!
  62. Add to minestrone soup
  63. Deep fry them like mozzarella sticks
  64. Hobak Jeon (Korean Zucchini fritters)
  65. Add to meatloaf
  66. Add to smoothies. Zucchini has a mild taste and it makes your smoothies creamy! Best frozen first.
  67. Blueberry Zucchini Cake (I Am Baker
  68. Use them instead of eggplant in lasagna
  69. Stir-fries
  70. Feed to dogs, zucchini is safe for dogs to eat
  71. Dehydrate slices for zucchini chips. 
  72. Zucchini ravioli
  73. Add to frittata
  74. Add to muffins
  75. Can it
  76. Zucchini Chow Chow. This recipe uses 4 quarts of zucchini! 
  77. Mock apple pie
  78. Chicken and zucchini kabobs 
  79. Zucchini pesto. I often add silverbeet to pesto to bulk it up. You can do the same with zucchini. Make sure to squeeze the moisture out really well if you use it for pesto. 
  80. Zucchini parmigiana
  81. Add to curry
  82. Tzatziki, instead of cucumber
  83. Cream of zucchini soup
  84. Quesadillas
  85. Zucchini chowder
  86. Zucchini gratin

So there you have it. Lots of ways of using zucchini. There are no more excuses now, I’m off to the kitchen! After publishing this post, that is… And the promised Zucchini Ratatouille photo!

Here it is, click on it for the recipe.

pit barrel ratatouille
Photo credit: Owen Quirk @aweebitquirkybbqRecipe at

‘Till next time!



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Suzanne Harris

Wednesday 24th of June 2020

I'm going to try Gluten-free whole grain zucchini sourdough bread ...... now that sounds good. Sue


Friday 26th of June 2020

Definitely! I'm rather keen on the zucchini chips myself :D