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CountyLine Log Splitter Review [25-Ton, 30-Ton, 40-Ton Comparison + Accessories]

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Are you thinking of buying a CountyLine log splitter? Here’s all the info you need to know before jumping in. CountyLine Log Splitters are exclusive to Tractor Supply.

CountyLine doesn’t just do log splitters, they also offer things like post-hole diggers, cattle panels, gates, stock troughs, box blades, and rotary tillers.

When browsing the Tractor Supply website, you’ll notice exceptional reviews for every piece of CountyLine equipment, except for their animal traps. Nobody likes their animal traps. Well, some people do. But most don’t.

Who Makes the CountyLine Log Splitter?

Image credit: TractorSupply.com

I’ve searched high and low to figure out who makes TractorSupply’s CountyLine Splitters. I finally found out that they’re a product of YTL International.

If you look closely at the product description for the CountyLine-25 SH265, you’ll notice that the product numbers all begin with “YTL.” If you read the owner’s manual here, you’ll see that YTL is indeed the vendor.

Have you used a YTL log splitter before? The durability is pretty good. They’re also straightforward to start and use. If you don’t like to break your back when preparing your cordwood, then you’ll love using YTL log splitters.

YTL Works With Other Big Brands

YTL doesn’t just make CountyLine log splitters. They also work with some of the biggest brands throughout North America and the world, like:

  • Tractor Supply
  • Lowe’s
  • The Home Depot
  • Sutherlands
  • True Value
  • Menards

What Is the Best Log Splitter?


1. CountyLine 25 Ton Splitter

I’m a big fan of the CountyLine 25 ton log splitter from Tractor Supply. The splitter has a hefty 265 SH Kohler 6.5 HP engine capable of 25 tons of splitting force and 3,800 PSI. The cycle time is 11.5 seconds. You can get through your entire cord in a reasonable time with that cycle time.

The splitter only weighs roughly 490 pounds, so it’s fairly lighter than its heavier counterparts.

CountyLine CountyLine-25 Ton Log Splitter with Kohler SH265 6.5HP Engine [More] Price: $1,549.99 – Buy Now

 The 25-ton splitter will cut through pine, poplar, oak, alder, or cedar without making the machine tremble. Even if your wood is heavy and damp, give this splitter a try. It’s strong.

Shop Now!

2. CountyLine 40 Ton Log Splitter

CountyLine CountyLine-40 Ton Log Splitter, Kohler Command Pro 14HP Engine [More] – Price: $2,799.99 – Buy Now

If you want more splitting force plus a faster cycle time, you could consider snagging the 14 HP Kohler engine CountyLine 40-ton log splitter.

This model has a 9.5 second cycle time, so if you split a lot of wood, then the time you save adds up for sure. The 40-ton model is bigger at 781 pounds, which is 291 pounds heavier than the CountyLine 25 ton splitter.

Both CountyLine log splitters are easy to start and maintain. The machines are easy to turnover with a double ball-bearing crankshaft. The air filter and spark plug are easy to access and clean.

Either model you choose offers a 5-year warranty on materials, plus a 3-year warranty on hydraulic parts. The 40-ton splitter also has a 3-year warranty on the Kohler engine. The 25-ton only offers a 2-year engine warranty.

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What Size Log Splitter Do I Need?

I always recommend a wood splitter in the 25-ton range. The 25-ton range is excellent for most home users. Let me tell you why.

1. Not All Wood Is Equal

The first thing to remember about choosing the best-sized log splitter is that not all wood is equal. Some of the wood you get is properly seasoned, dry, and is relatively easy to split, like a hot knife through butter.

Some of the wood you get isn’t going to be as easy!

Some wood is tough. Some cords you order from firewood vendors will also contain oversized, damp, knotty, or stringy logs. Nightmare oaks! Yikes!

That’s one of the best advantages of choosing a larger log splitter. A proper log splitter with ample splitting force and a short cycle time makes the splitting process much simpler. Save yourself the stress and consider going big.

2. Aim For More Splitting Force

It’s better to have slightly more splitting force than too little, especially if you don’t want to spend your weekend unjamming the half-split wood from your wood splitter’s edge. (I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it.)

The 25-ton log splitter should be enough for you in most cases. However, if you’re a wood-splitting machine and split many cords per season, then maybe consider a heftier, 40-ton splitter.

3. Dense Wood Needs More Power

Also, consider the types of wood that you split? If you prefer lots of dense wood, like maple, oak, walnut, locust, or birch, then you might benefit from the increased splitting force of the 40-ton.

The main downsides to the larger capacity log splitters are that they have higher fuel requirements, they’re more expensive, and they’re heavier. They do save you stress and frustration if you split lots of wood though – which is worth a few bucks more in my book.

How Do You Start a CountyLine Log Splitter?

Starting your CountyLine log splitter is a piece of cake. I found an excellent video above to help visualize the concept.

CountyLine 22 Ton Log Splitter Review

You can also view the official 25-ton CountyLine instruction manual here or read a recap of the instructions below.

Starting a CountyLine Log Splitter In 7 Easy Steps:

  1. Put your log splitter on a level area and secure the wheels.
  2. Ensure that the log splitter switch is in the “ON” position.
  3. Move your throttle to the “FAST” position.
  4. Move your choke lever to the “CHOKE” position.
  5. Get a firm grip on your rope handle. Pull the rope slowly until you feel resistance. Then pull quickly and start the engine.
  6. Let the engine warm-up. Slowly move the choke to the “RUN” position over several seconds in warm weather. In cold weather, slowly move the choke to “RUN” gradually over several minutes.
  7. When finished, turn the engine switch to the “OFF” position.

Tips On Towing Your CountyLine Log Splitter

From the CountyLine log splitter manual

CountyLine log splitters have couplers to attach to your trailer hitch ball, thick pneumatic tires, and safety chains. Please be careful when towing your Log Splitter! Read through the towing safety guidelines in the official 25-Ton CountyLine Log Splitter manual and also consider the following steps below.

  1. Turn the fuel shut valve to the “OFF” position. Don’t skip this step, or you may flood your log splitter’s engine.
  2. Make sure your log splitter is empty when securing to your vehicle and when towing!
  3. Attach safety chains to your vehicle’s bumper or hitch.
  4. Before you start your vehicle, double-check your log splitter to ensure that it’s securely chained to your vehicle.
  5. Never exceed 45 MPH when towing your log splitter.
  6. When driving, pay special attention to avoid hilly terrain, sharp turns, and steep angles.
  7. Recheck your log splitter’s towing connection and coupler every 50 miles of driving.
  8. When driving, parking, or crossing intersections, compensate for the added size of your log splitter.
  9. Please read and study the full instruction manual and towing safety guidelines in the official user manual for your exact log splitter model.

If you’re curious to learn more about towing safety precautions, here’s a great resource on towing safety tips with a trailer from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Please follow your local, state, and federal laws and drive safely!

Handy CountyLine Log Splitter Accessories

CountyLine log splitters contain everything you need to start splitting all kinds of logs without stress. But, there are three accessories I recommend if you want to make the log splitting ventures much easier.

1. Log Catchers

CountyLine Log Catcher, YTL-008-122 [More] Price: $74.99 – Buy Now

Splitting logs requires more effort than most people think! Try bending down after every split and neatly collecting then stacking your newly split logs. The process is exerting.

That’s why you might love this log catcher that can save you from straining your back. You’ll also save yourself a ton of time. Mandatory if you split and stack many cords during cold winter months.

2. Log Jacks

CountyLine Log Jack, UH11-LT [More] – Price: $36.99 – Buy Now

Lots of people love to use this log jack as an extension so they can easily pick up logs. Others use it to help secure their firewood during splitting to prevent kickbacks. We say that both uses can make your life easier and less stressful when splitting this year’s (or next year’s) firewood.

3. 4-Way Wedge

CountyLine 4-Way Wedge for 25T Log Splitter, YTL-008-900 [More] – Price: $74.99 – Buy Now

If you like to split your logs in quarters, and if you want to get the CountyLine 25-ton splitter, then try the 4-way wedge.

The 4-way wedge from CountyLine is steel, weighs a solid 8.59 pounds, and can save you a lot of time when splitting your wood. Please note that this 4-way wedge design is for the CountyLine 25-ton only and might not work well for larger log splitters!

Need A Bigger Wedge? Check Out Our Favorite 40-Ton, 4-Way Wedge on Tractor Supply!

CountyLine Log Splitters

CountyLine Log Splitters are Tractor Supply’s preferred log splitter brand. I love CountyLine log splitters! Made by YTL, the CountyLine log splitters are affordable, reliable, and they’re perfect for everyday users who need to store or split firewood for the winter season.

I also love the versatility of the CountyLine log splitters. You can use their splitters vertically or horizontally. If you have a lot of large logs to split, then you might want to experiment with the vertical splitting position.

CountyLine doesn’t just make log splitters!


CountyLine is Tractor Supply’s exclusive brand of agricultural tools and farming equipment that offers everything that homesteaders and ranchers could ever need. If you visit a Tractor Supply location and look closely at their inventory, you’ll notice that CountyLine promotes the full spectrum of agricultural supplies and homesteading goodies.

CountyLine offers everything under the sun like rotary tillers, sump pumps, tractor attachments, stock tanks, landscape rakes, corral panels, and, of course, log splitters.

Let’s look closer at three of my favorite log splitters that I recommend to anyone who wants to buy their first or next log splitter.

1. CountyLine 25 Ton Log Splitter, 6.5 HP Kohler SH265 Engine

Are you looking for a log splitter for average everyday use? Then you’ll be hard-pressed to beat this deal from CountyLine. The quality of this log splitter is excellent and, the price is right.

With a 6.5 HP Kohler SH265 engine, 3,800 PSI, and the ability to handle logs with a 36-inch diameter, the Countyline 25 ton log splitter is tough to beat in this price category.

The 25-ton log splitter is the lightest option on this list. It also offers an 11.5 second cycle time, which you’ll love if you’re used to chopping your firewood with an ax. Like all 3 log splitters in this list, the log splitter has a vertical and horizontal mode.

The durability of the 25-ton log splitter is great, and the warranty on all of the CountyLine log splitters is excellent considering the low price.

Specs of the 25-Ton CountyLine Log Splitter

  • 90.6 inches long
  • 39.4 inches tall
  • 25-ton splitting force
  • 36-inch max log diameter
  • 196 cc engine displacement
  • 490 pounds
  • 4-gallon hydraulic capacity
  • Vertical and horizontal use
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2. CountyLine 30 Ton Log Splitter, 9.5 HP Kohler CH395 Engine

Do you want more power than the 25-ton CountyLine without upgrading to the massive 40-ton log splitter? Then the CountyLine 30-ton is your best choice.

One thing you might not like about the CountyLine 40-ton log splitter is that the unit weighs a whopping 781 pounds.

The CountyLine 30 ton log splitter is only 595 pounds, which is considerably smaller. With 9.5 HP and 30-tons of splitting force, this log splitter is a beast and can handle most jobs you’ll throw her way. Give her your best shot.

Another benefit of this log splitting monstrosity is that the cycle time is just 10.5 seconds. If you split lots of wood, then this machine can save you some time and effort.

Specs of the 30-Ton CountyLine Log Splitter

  • 90.6 inches long
  • 39.4 inches tall
  • 30-ton splitting force
  • 36-inch max log diameter
  • 277 cc engine displacement
  • 595 pounds
  • 22.8-quart hydraulic capacity
  • Vertical and horizontal use
Shop Now!

3. CountyLine 40 Ton Log Splitter, 14 HP Kohler CH440 Engine


If you split more wood than Paul Bunyan, and if you love to make quick work of your firewood cord hauls each season, then look no further than the CountyLine 40 ton log splitter. This log splitter makes you feel the power as you split wood.

I love how this 14 HP beast has a cycle time of only 9.5 seconds. Whether you want to split oak, mesquite, maple, hickory, or ironwood, I bet you a steak (or veggie) dinner that this log splitter makes short work of your toughest jobs.

This unit is considerably larger in height, length, and weight when compared to the two smaller CountyLine log splitter models. If you want a powerful log splitting option and if you burn lots of firewood, then you can’t go wrong with this choice.

Specs of the 40-Ton CountyLine Log Splitter

  • 94.9 inches long
  • 47.2 inches tall
  • 40-ton splitting force
  • 36-inch max log diameter
  • 429 cc engine displacement
  • 781 pounds
  • 39.2-quart hydraulic capacity
  • Vertical and horizontal use
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Any Questions About a CountyLine Log Splitter?

I think that CountyLine log splitters are perfect for most home users. What’s your experience with CountyLine log splitters? Please let me know your thoughts! I’d also love to know if you have questions about CountyLine or log splitters in general. I’m happy to answer your questions and comments below!

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  1. A Kohler rep gave me the part # that I needed, then I found the high altitude carburetor kit for my Countyline 25 ton at OPEengines.com in Salem, Oregon.

  2. Next time try the AGKNK aka the PowerKNX. It is comparable in price to the Countryline but has a 9.5hp Kolher PRO OHV commercial motor with a 17gpm high flow pump. The 30 ton model has a fast 10.5 second cycle time.

    New on Amazon this month!

  3. The Countryline log splitters suck. Just bought the 40 ton, didn’t even get to start it, because I couldn’t get a high altitude jet for it. Matter of fact, you can’t get many parts from Kohler anymore. So good luck getting parts for your brand new splitter.

  4. You quote the price of the CountyLine 25 ton as $1099.00. I went to my local Tractor Supply 2 days ago and it is $1599.00, and when I click your link it also shows it as $1599.00.
    Is your link price a special or is it a typo?

    1. Hey Bob!

      Thanks so much for an excellent question!

      My name’s Mike. I’m the editor who pulled the price quotes for the various Tractor Supply log splitters in this article.

      (I visit the Tractor Supply in Leominster, MA, all the time.)

      To answer your question – unfortunately, time flies. And I haven’t had a chance to update the pricing figures for the CountyLine log splitters in around two years. It seems like the prices for everything have skyrocketed since then.

      Also – I think I sourced the pricing data during the holiday season – so the log cutters may have been on sale when I pulled the pricing data.

      (In other words – the pricing error is my fault. Sorry about that!)

      The main reason for the price hikes, I believe, is inflation. The inflation rates per the Consumer Price Index have increased over the previous few years. Rather dramatically. Certainly more than we are used to over the last decade.

      (The annual inflation rate in the USA for 2021 was seven percent, and the inflation rate for 2022 was six-and-a-half percent. Sadly, those two figures don’t account for 2023 inflation, which I estimate to be around five to six percent.)

      (I’ve been keeping a close eye on inflation figures. Check out the US Inflation Calculator for more information.)

      In any event – I will update the log splitter price quotes for this article today – and I thank you for bringing this dramatic pricing shift to our attention.

      And – I apologize for the outdated data. It was 100% my fault!

      Thanks again – and we wish you the best!!!


      Mike D

  5. I need to replace the wheel and tire on a 40 ton CountyLine splitter. I’m having a terrible time finding the 18×6.6-8 wheel and tire from tractor supply? Can someone please help I’m in Sacramento California

    1. Hey there Colley!

      Thanks for asking about the 4-way wedge for the CountyLine 40-ton log splitter.

      Unfortunately, it looks like the 40-ton model is currently out of stock!

      (As you know, supply lines have been chaotic in 2021 – especially during the Holiday shipping season!)

      However, there are two other splitting wedges available at the moment.

      First is the 30-ton wedge from CountyLine.

      Second is the 25-ton wedge from CountyLine.

      Also, I will keep my eye for more 40-ton wedges and update this space if they become available.

      Thanks again for asking – happy holidays!

  6. What’s the width of the wheelbase from tire end to tire end if you know off hand? Trying to see if it will fit through a gated area and couldn’t find that measurement anywhere on their specs.

  7. Have you ever found a four-way splitter for the 40 ton and about how much fuel per quart or hour do you think you’re using

    1. Hey there.


      Tractor Supply has a four-way wedge that works for the 40-ton wood splitters.

      (Check out Tractor Supply’s website and search for “4-way wedge”. You should see a wide variety of splitting wedges available – even for 40-ton!)

      Also – the 40-ton CountyLine splitter rocks a CH440 Kohler engine.

      The CH440 has a fuel tank of around 1.8 gallons. That should provide at least two hours of run time – or more.

      (I think you should do better than two hours on a full tank. But, I say two hours to be safe. And, because some cordwood is stringier (and harder) than others.)

      Thanks so much – and please have a great day!

  8. i weeded out 27 ton and below. 30 to 40 ton theres only countyline. Buy 30 or 40?I might rent it out may open new cash flow. Im thinking 40 hmmm

    1. Hey there Kevin, we thought exactly that! Lots of farmers are sharing their equipment around here, and there’s a fair bit of money to be made renting out your gear. Around here, it’s mainly harvesters and crushers that get rented out but I reckon a log splitter could do a lot of work in winter! And yeah, if you’re going to rent it out, bigger is better I reckon 😀

  9. We are thinking about adding a log lifter to our 40 ton. Do you recommend it, and do you have one to go on this splitter?

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