Olight Arkfeld UV Review: A Multipurpose EDC Flashlight

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The Olight Arkfeld UV flashlight is a fantastic EDC flashlight due to its power, price, and multiple settings. This waterproof, rechargeable light offers five different lumen settings for the perfect amount of power and battery life.

So, now that you know what’s great about the Olight Arkfeld, let’s review all the benefits and disadvantages of this little pocket-sized light. We’ll investigate each spec and feature to help you get a better idea of whether this flashlight is right for you or not.

  • Lightweight at 3.07oz
  • 1000 Max Lumens
  • Massive Throw (279 ft)
  • Full Charge In 2 Hours
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Short Runtime at Max Lumens
  • Working Temp: 32F to 104F
  • Circular Switch Between UV and Normal Light May Be a Little Awkward
  • Lightweight at 3.07oz
  • 1000 Max Lumens
  • Massive Throw (279 ft)
  • Full Charge In 2 Hours
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Short Runtime at Max Lumens
  • Working Temp: 32F to 104F
  • Circular Switch Between UV and Normal Light May Be a Little Awkward
05/26/2024 01:42 pm GMT
Olight Arkfeld Flashlight With UV Light Turned On

Our Olight Arkfeld UV Review


Olight Arkfeld UV Review with lumens, candela, and throw

With a 1000-lumen maximum brightness, the Olight Arkfeld UV light sure packs a powerful punch in a small space.

At the highest 1000-lumen setting, you can see up to 279 feet ahead of you, which is absolutely remarkable! Especially considering the fact that this flashlight is pocket-sized.


From left to right: My Olight Arkfeld UV vs Olight S1R Baton vs Olight Perun 2 Mini - for size comparison.
From left to right: My Olight Arkfeld UV vs Olight S1R Baton vs Olight Perun 2 Mini – for size comparison.

The Olight Arkfeld UV (#ad) is one of the most compact flashlights you can find with this kind of power.

The Arkfeld is 4.33 in long, just under one inch wide, and about half an inch thick. It fits perfectly in any pocket, especially thanks to its rectangular, slim profile.

This little flashlight also only weighs 3 ounces (0.2 lbs), which is absolutely fantastic!

So, if you’re looking for a flashlight that won’t weigh you down, this one might be perfect for you.


Olight Arkfeld UV Light Settings

The Olight Arkfeld UV has five different lumen settings, a strobe light, and a UV light setting. That gives you seven different ways to use your Arkfeld.

The first setting is the 1-lumen moonlight setting, which offers just a bit of light but drains the battery the least. Then, you have a 15-lumen setting, a 60-lumen setting, a 300-lumen setting, and then a 1000-lumen setting.

These different modes give you total control over how bright your flashlight is… and how long your battery will last!

Charging and Battery Life

Olight Arkfeld UV flashlight on charge with its magnetic charger

Speaking of battery life, let’s talk about charging and how long the battery lasts at each different setting:

  • 1-lumen setting: Lasts 8 days
  • 15-lumen setting: Lasts 41 hours
  • 60-lumen setting: Lasts 12 hours and 50 min
  • 300-lumen setting: Lasts 140 to 160 minutes
  • 1000-lumen setting: Lasts 4 to 110 minutes

While the battery capacity at the 1000-lumen setting isn’t too impressive, it’s not likely that you’d need that much light in most circumstances, anyway. The 60-lumen setting, which lasts for a continuous 12 hours and 50 minutes, is usually enough for even the darkest of nights.

The Arkfeld UV achieves a full charge in only two hours. It also has a battery indicator, which makes it easy to track how much battery life you have left and adjust the settings accordingly.

Ease of Operation

Olight Arkfeld Flashlight Operation Settings

There’s a learning curve to operating the Olight Arkfeld UV flashlight, but it only takes a few minutes of perusing the user manual to master the controls.

To change the setting on this flashlight, you press the center button. As you press the button each time, the brightness gets higher. But if you double-click the button, you can switch straight to the 1000-lumen setting.

To move to UV mode, you can turn the dial around the central button.

So, getting all those clicks memorized may take just a moment, but not too long!


Considering all the features, bells, and whistles you get with the Olight Arkfeld UV light, the price point is just right.

In fact, Olights products, in general, offer a great balance between affordability and performance.


This 1000-lumen, low-profile flashlight is perfect if you don't have much pocket space! With its magnetic charging cable, you can recharge this baby over and over again for years of use.

Speaking of battery life, this little flashlight packs a punch with over 8 days of run time on its lowest setting.

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05/26/2024 01:42 pm GMT

Grip & Clip

The Olight Arkfeld UV flashlight is super pocket-able thanks to its secure, lightweight pocket clip and ribbed sides.

While the body is still made of slick aluminum, the bumpy sides go a long way in giving you an easy grip.

But the pocket clip is where this flashlight really shines. It allows you to fit the flashlight flush with the upper edge of your pocket, concealing it almost completely. That means it’s extra secure!


Olight Arkfeld UV Pocket Flashlight Box Contents

The Olight Arkfeld UV flashlight is completely waterproof for up to 30 minutes of submersion! So, whether you need something rain-proof for your outdoor excursions or need a light for a late-night swim, this flashlight has you covered.

UV Light

While having a UV light on your EDC flashlight might not seem like it would come in handy, you’d be surprised.

Here are some ways we have used the UV light:

  • To identify UV-fluorescent insects such as caterpillars in our garden.
  • To check for fluid leaks in our cars.
  • To identify yucky spots in hotel rooms.
  • To check if dollar bills were real.

We’ve also heard that UV lights can detect ringworm in pets and people, so that’s something else you can use an Arkfeld UV for.


When it came to the durability test in this review, the Olight Arkfeld UV flashlight performed brilliantly.

This flashlight, though it’s only made of anodized aluminum, has a ding-resistant lozenge shape that protects the edges from too many dents and scrapes. You can drop it all you like… this thing won’t break! Believe me, we’ve tried it.

Other Features We Liked

Olight Arkfeld UV - Uncover a new world!

There were several other things we liked about the Olight Arkfeld UV flashlight that didn’t earn their own sections in this review.

However, it’s worth mentioning that:

  • The Olight Arkfeld UV light comes in both a natural and cool light version, so you can get the light temperature you like the best.
  • This flashlight uses a magnetic charger. That means that the flashlight itself is magnetic and will stick to any metal surface. It fully charges in two hours.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • You can get the Olight Arkfeld UV in three different colors: black, green, and orange.

Our Olight Arkfeld Review Summed Up

Overall, there weren’t many things we didn’t like about the Olight Arkfeld UV light, which is why we recommend it as an EDC flashlight for anyone!

This pocket-sized wonder really shines when it comes to durability, versatility, and power, as it has seven different settings and a long-lasting rechargeable battery. Plus, with such a small form factor, you can carry this baby anywhere without a hitch.

So, what do you think? Have you tried out the Olight Arkfeld UV flashlight, or do you plan to get one? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a lovely day!

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