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13 Fabulous DIY Floating Duck House Plans and Ideas for Your Feathered Friends

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Are you a backyard farmer or a pond owner who loves ducks? If so, you may have considered seeking floating duck house plans to provide your feathered friends with a safe and comfortable place to roost on the water.

But why a floating duck house? Well, not only does a floating duck house offer protection from predators at night, but it can also be a cute addition to your pond. Today we’ve selected some of the most innovative, creative, and practical DIY floating duck house ideas to help you start your next project!

A nifty looking duck house floating on a pond with lily pads.

Sound fun?

Then let’s begin!

What Is the Purpose of a Floating Duck House?

The purpose of a floating duck house is to provide a safe and secure place for ducks to roost on the water. Ducks are vulnerable to predators such as raccoons, foxes, and birds of prey, especially when they are sleeping or nesting on the ground.

A floating duck house protects from these predators and helps to keep ducks dry and comfortable. In addition, a floating duck house can be a fun and decorative addition to a backyard pond or farm. And can even help to attract and retain wild ducks in the area.

(While your ducks don’t necessarily need a floating duck house – we bet they will appreciate the gesture!)

ruddy ducks visiting their floating duck house in the pond
Ducks aren’t nearly as picky as chickens regarding their housing. But they still appreciate a clean, dry, safe space to rest. And we bet any duck lucky enough to live on the water will love the following floating duck house plans. We hope they serve you and your waterfowl flock well!

13 Fabulous DIY Floating Duck House Plans

From hasty and elegant duck islands to deluxe mansions, we’ve got something to suit every budget and level of DIY skill here! Here are some of the best duck shelter ideas to inspire your next project.

1. Deluxe Duck House Mansion by BamaBass and NateMakes

Building a Duck House Mansion for the 5 Acre Pond!
Wow. Here’s one of our favorite floating duck house ideas by NateMakes. It isn’t just another one of those cute duck houses. There are a few hidden features. The duck house contains an aquarium, underwater lights, a splash pad, a garden, a jacuzzi, and other surprises. These ducks are lucky!

Our top pick is one of the most well-thought-out duck house designs I have ever seen, with every detail meticulously planned out! There are so many innovative features packed into this house it is hard to know where to start – as well as providing shelter for ducks. It also has a decking area for your feathered friends to relax, with a water fountain and snack bar. And a solar-powered lighting system.

This build may be beyond many homesteaders’ DIY skills – including mine! But – it has some great features that could easily incorporate into a less complicated project.

2. Rustic Floating Duck House by Justin Wheeler

Building a Floating Duck House.. ..with the Harbor Freight Sawmill
Check out this clean water duck house by Justin Wheeler. It’s an easy and rustic DIY house idea for your small duck flock. We confess that it’s nowhere near as fancy or luxurious as other portable duck houses. But it’s easy to make. It uses recycled lumber and a harbor freight sawmill. (You could also achieve a similar style using scrap wood. It’s an excellent budget duck house theme.)

I love how this rustic design blends in with its surroundings – perfect for ducks hanging out on your natural pond. It’s a laid-back project using basic materials to build a bird nesting box that will float safely on the water. The base is a pallet floated on pool noodles, and the box shape house has rustic wood for a more natural effect.

3. Budget Floating Duck House by TheDIY Homestead

The DIY Homestead showcases another rustic floating duck house plan for under one hundred bucks. The duck house frame is three and four-inch PVC pipe, and fence pickets make up the duck house deck.

If you’ve ever priced up a custom-made floating duck house, you’ll have come across some shockingly high prices! But you can build your design for a fraction of the cost. Start by using leftover building materials such as recycled pallets. This floating waterfowl pontoon and house came in at under $100, an absolute bargain!

4. Building a Raft Island for Ducks by RSPB

nifty floating duck raft diagram
We love the RSPB! Or, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. They publish a ton of helpful content for any homesteader interested in raising, caring for, and supporting birds. Their floating duck raft blueprints contain some of the best DIY duck structure instructions. It’s perfect if you want detailed plans to help build a raft for your pond. They also share insights for a nest box and duck ramps.

Even if your ducks come inside to keep them safe from predators at night, providing a raft on their day pond will give them a place to hide away from opportunistic daytime raiders. Plus, it makes an excellent place for your ducks to hang out and look adorable! The RSPB has great advice on constructing a raft for your waterfowl pond that won’t sink or drift away.

5. Floating Wooden Duck House by Let a Girl Show You How

enclosed floating duck house
We love this homemade DIY floating duck house from Becky via Let A Girl Show You How! Becky noticed a fox around her property. So, she built a sturdy, floating duck house. The duck house design uses a wooden pallet, a wooden duck house box, some chicken wire, and a hinged roof. She also shares pictures of her precious, then 2-week-old Peking ducks. They’re adorable! We hope they’re still okay.

I love the cute design features of this little house, like the steps up the side so your ducks can hang out on the roof! This attractive fowl house build features step-by-step photos and detailed explanations that are simple to follow. It is kept afloat with insulated foam sheets, ensuring the house will not tip over.

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6. Building a Floating Duck House by Henslee Farm Adventures

Building a Floating Duck House
Henslee Farm Adventures raised chickens along with their ducks. And the best way they figured to get their ducks to spend more time on the pond was to build them a personal floating duck house. It’s not the fanciest duck house design and uses recycled materials. But it gets the job done and offers plenty of space per duck – without spending too much cash. (And we bet the ducks appreciate it!)

Even if your DIY skills are minimal, building a simple A-frame duck house out of scrap material should be within your reach. This functional duck house with plywood walls on a rectangular float base will provide your birds with a safe night roost or a place to hang out in the daytime.

7. Floating Duck House Plans by Goods Home Design

beautiful floating duck house floating on water
Goods Home Design made one of the fanciest wooden duck houses we could find! The design uses larch wood – and looks stunning. (Larch wood is famous for preserving itself in the water and being somewhat waterproof.) This design would look perfect in your backyard, pond, or nearly anywhere ducks dwell.

This floating duck house is a good project for pushing your DIY skills to the next level. The guide gives detailed plans with measurements, enabling you to cut each piece to size before assembling the final construction. The designers recommend using pressure-treated timber, such as larch, which can withstand damp conditions for many years.

Read More!

8. Simple Floating Duck House by Lobo Leathers

building a floating duck house
Here’s a fun DIY floating duck house via Lobo Feathers (The Texas Prepper) that’s kept afloat with polyethylene pool noodles, wooden planks, and wooden duck house material. It also has a fancy drawbridge or a plank for ducks. (See it in use at the end of the video. The ducks love it!)

Sometimes the simple designs are the best, and if you’ve ever built a dog kennel, you’ll be more than capable of following these floating coop plans! For a basic duck house, the result is very stylish and provides ample space for waterfowl to hide away from predators.

9. Floating House for Pet Ducks by Modern Self Reliance

Building a Duck House for Pet Ducks (at the off grid cabin)
Modern Self Reliance built a charming floating duck house! The duck house looks solid – and Modern Self Reliance broke out the heavy equipment to get it done, including a miter saw, nail gun, and drill. We love how the duck house has an enclosed chainlink enclosure to help deter nasty duck predators. Keep your ducks safe!

If you’re rearing ducklings, letting them out on the water can be a risky business. They are often not fast enough to escape from predators. However, this innovative idea keeps your newly-hatched baby birds safe and secure while allowing them all the joys of being a duck on water.

10. DIY Floating Duck Palace by Ottyfields via Back Yard Chickens

breathtaking floating duck palace
The Back Yard Chickens website has one of the best and most significant floating duck houses. In fact – it’s more like a floating duck palace. Or a floating duck castle! The duck house bottom has treated wood to help prevent wood rot. Cedar makes up the side and top. This duck house also has a crowning jewel – a solar-powered light on top. (The author, ottyfields, says it’s a vacancy light. We love it!)

For those with top-notch carpentry skills, this beautiful duck house has some unbeatable design features to keep your ducks safe, secure, and happy! I love the separate ‘rooms’ inside, with removable partitions to make them larger or smaller. It also has a pulley system allowing you to winch it back to shore, perfect for checking those nesting boxes for duck eggs!

11. Floating Duck Raft by Canadian Chicken Coop

Floating duck coop - Canadian Chicken Coop.ca
We searched everywhere for the best DIY floating duck house ideas. Including Canada! And we think we found one of the neatest structures anywhere. We love how this floating duck coop has an entrance AND an exit – so the ducks have an escape route. Many duck houses miss this vital security feature! Credit goes to Canadian Chicken Coop for this clever design.

If your ducks stay on the lake alone – then it’s good to know that this floating duck house keeps them safe. And it gives your ducks a nice place to hang out in the middle of their pond! The oversized duck house deck is also perfect, as it will withstand the pitter-patter of muddy webbed feet and can get quickly rinsed off if it starts to look messy.

12. Floating Duck Island by Two Dogs Life

Floating duck island
Two Dogs Life built an epic and legendary duck raft and home. The duck house was so big – we didn’t believe it would float. But it did. And it looks marvelous! (We think the duck house also has some comfy-looking straw bedding. We bet the ducks love the added touch!)

For a zero-cost project, it doesn’t come much better than this! This cute floating waterfowl nest got made from reclaimed materials and is perfect for keeping your flock of fowls safe and secure. Plus, it finds a use for all those empty plastic containers that always seem too good to throw away!

13. Two Innovative Duck Islands by NestBox Tales

Duck Islands Ducklings DayNight 201219
We’re saving one of the thriftiest (and niftiest) floating duck island designs for last. Alice McGlashan shows how it’s done – in full detail. Ensure you read her detailed instructions on Facebook. She neatly lists everything you need to duplicate her design. And also includes critical updates after four years of use! (Yes. These duck islands are duck tested. And duck approved!)

Here we have not one but two intriguing ways to build a duck island! The first option uses a plastic pipe to create a floating raft, while the second got made from straw bales wrapped in shade cloth – ingenious!

DIY Floating Duck House FAQS

So I’m sure you’re ready to get cracking on your favorite design immediately! But first, let’s examine some things to consider before building a floating duck house!

Does a Duck House Need a Floor?

Floors in a floating duck house can help keep the interior dry and clean by preventing water from seeping inside. Duck house floors also help by containing any waste or debris that the ducks make. A duck house floor can also provide a stable surface for the ducks to walk on. Floors also make it easier to clean the duck house.

However, if the floating duck house design allows water to flow through it, such as having a mesh or slatted floor, a solid duck house floor may not be necessary. Ultimately, the need for a duck coop floor in a floating duck house depends on the design and the specific needs of the ducks.

How Much Ventilation Does a Duck House Need?

As a general rule of thumb, the ventilation of a duck house should be at least 10% of the floor area. For example, if the floor area of the duck house is 10 square feet, then the air vents should be at least 1 square foot.

One way to provide ventilation in a floating duck house is to install vents or windows that can get opened and closed as needed. Another option is to use mesh or wire panels in the walls to allow air to flow through while still providing some protection from the elements. Placing vents or windows on opposite sides of the house can help create a cross breeze that promotes air movement.

How Do You Make a Duck House Float?

One of the most significant issues many homesteaders encounter when designing a duck house is how to make it float. Without it sinking or tipping over! It must also sit low enough in the water to allow the ducks to scramble onto the deck without fuss.

Common materials for floating duck houses include plastic barrels, foam blocks, and inflatable pontoons. Attach the flotation material to the bottom of the duck house. If using plastic barrels or foam blocks, attach them to the bottom of the duck house with straps or screws. If using inflatable pontoons, attach them to the sides of the duck house using ropes or straps.

Remember to test the buoyancy of your duck house before you push it out into the center of the pond or lake! Ensure the house floats and is stable in the water, and adjust the flotation material if necessary.


Thanks for reading our guide about the best DIY floating duck house plans!

We realize not all of these floating duck houses are fancy. Many are super thrifty and low-budget.

Luckily – ducks aren’t picky. And most ducks aren’t as fussy about their lodgings as chickens.

Either way – not all ducks are lucky enough to live on the water. And even fewer ducks have duck ranchers like you eager to make their life even comfier.

(One thing’s for sure. Your ducks are lucky to have you!)

Thanks again – and have a great day!

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