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How to Choose the Best Karambit Knife in 2020

Are you on the hunt for a small knife – usually with an ergonomic handle, a safety ring (or two), and a curved blade? If you are, the knife you may be looking for is a karambit knife.

According to an Asian legend, a karambit knife’s design is extraordinary. Have you seen what a tiger’s claw looks like? A tiger’s claw is the basis of the knife’s design.

Because you’re going to search for karambit knives anyway, why not go for gold? Rather than choose just any of the available karambit knives, maybe you should choose the perfect one, the best karambit knife.

Best Karambit Knives - Top 7 Karambits
Best Karambit Knives – Top 7 Karambits

Karambit Knife 101

A karambit knife is an easy-to-carry utility knife. It promotes all-around use, as well as user safety in any given situation.

The knife first surfaced in the US in the 20th century. When Asian martial artists introduced it into the mainstream culture, people began to appreciate it. They began to see how incredibly useful it is for different activities such as:

  • Camping
  • Farming
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Self-defense
  • Survival training

The Functionality of a Karambit Knife

Best Karambit Knives - Top 7 Karambits
Best Karambit Knives – Top 7 Karambits

When you first see a karambit knife, you may notice it’s shaped differently than the typical knives you know of. In fact, a number of people have commented on its odd shape. And this odd shape may have increased the appealing quality of the knife.

But, a karambit knife’s design isn’t about standing out to look odd, at all. Its design stands out because its functionality stands out.

Because of its karambit-specific features, you can use a karambit knife to cut, rip, hook, and tear things with 100% precision. Basically, if you need to accomplish tasks using a razor-sharp tool that offers efficiency and precision, you may already know the kind of knife you want.

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Karambit Knife

While all of them are praise-worthy and their purpose is universal, you may want to check out karambit knives closely. This way, you can choose the perfect one.

Step 1: Types of Karambit Knives

There are two types of karambit knives:

  1. Folding blade varieties. Easy-to-carry and easy-to-conceal; good strength and reliability; safer
  2. Fixed blade varieties. Superior strength and reliability; no moving parts

Step 2: Personal Needs

Why do you need a karambit knife? Since user situations tend to differ, the perfect karambit knife depends on your personal needs. You may want to look at karambit knives based on their blade varieties. Go with a karambit that is going to be more useful to you.

For example, if you’re heading out for a family camping trip with your children, you may want to get a folding karambit knife. As mentioned, you can carry and conceal it easily. It’s useful for cutting rope, opening cans, slicing meat, and carving on trees. With children involved, you want a knife that is both useful and safe.

CRKT Provoke First Responder - Karambit Knife | Black
CRKT Provoke First Responder – Karambit Knife | Black

from: Blade HQ

On the flip side, if you’re going to use a karambit whenever you’re inside your workshop, getting a karambit with a fixed blade may be practical. Because of superior strength and reliability, you may work better with it. It may help you come up with a more satisfying result, too.

Cold Steel Karambit Steel Tiger | 4.75
Cold Steel Karambit Steel Tiger | 4.75″ Fixed Blade

from: Blade HQ

What’s your best karambit knife?


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