17 Free DIY Quail Coop Ideas and Plans for the Backyard [+ Building Tips]

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Are you raising quail? It’s the new hot ticket for enterprising homesteaders – for super-nutritious eggs and meat in the kitchen and farmer’s market, to sell as livestock, and because they’re cute as kittens!

Quail are also vulnerable to predators and the elements, so naturally, reliable and sturdy quail coop ideas are essential.

Luckily – you can build the perfect backyard quail coop using your DIY skills and a clever quail coop DIY plan or idea!

We’ve compiled a set of FREE DIY quail coop ideas and plans brimming with building tips and insights to help you create a user-friendly coop, cage, aviary, or tractor to nurture and protect your quail.  

Are you ready for some fun?

Then let us begin!

17 Free Quail Coop Ideas and Plans – Building Tips

The best free quail house plans and ideas share coop proportions to provide optimal ergonomics while promoting quail well-being. For both indoors and outdoors! Considerations include ample floor space, security from predators, insulation, ventilation, light, feed, and water, a sand bath, and efficient waste removal. 

We looked for free quail coop ideas and plans that respect the health and well-being of the little game birds while also considering your well-being, notably your back and your budget!

Here are the vital design considerations for a robust, efficient, healthy DIY quail coop.


  • Quail coops should ideally allow one square foot of floor space for each quail (overcrowding caged quail leads to quail fighting and ill health). 
  • The ceiling height of quail coops should be either lower than 18” or higher than 6’ to prevent startled quail from taking flight and potentially injuring or breaking their necks on a low ceiling.  
  • Feeder troughs in the quail coop should provide ± ½-inch access space per quail.
  • Quail waterers should have ± ¼-inch access space per quail. 


  • Quail are prey for various predators, including rodents, raccoons, dogs and cats, snakes, and predatory birds. 
  • Outdoor quail coops should ideally get made using ¼” galvanized steel mesh (hardware cloth) for the walls and, if necessary, chicken wire for the floor of outdoor quail coops that rest on the ground. 
  • Outdoor quail coops should get made with a mesh apron – protective mesh sunk into the ground to prevent critters from burrowing into the quail coop.
  • Indoor quail cages and quail coops can use ¼” hardware cloth (preferably PVC-coated) for the floors.
  • Quail coop ceilings lower than one foot should get made of loosely fitted ¼” hardware cloth.  
  • Solid roofing should not rest directly on the hardware cloth ceiling.


  • dust bath is essential in a quail coop to prevent parasite infestation, maintain optimum oil levels on the feathers, and remove dead skin.
  • Quail droppings from elevated coops should either fall from the coop cage floor to the ground. Or be trapped in quail litter (dirt, wood shavings, sawdust, sand, or wood ash) in a catch tray beneath the coop cage.  

Ventilation and Insulation

  • Quail coops should allow fresh air to pass through the cage.
  • Outdoor quail coops should get shaded from direct overhead sunlight in warm regions.
  • Quail coops should have an insulted nesting box to protect against cold wind and air.
  • Electric light bulbs can get used to heat quail coops in cold weather.


  • Quails need between 14 to 16 hours of light daily. Sunlight helps them to lay eggs optimally.
  • Fitting electric light bulbs to the coop to provide light after sunset can augment direct sunlight.
  • Indoor quail coops may need electric light for up to 16 hours daily.


  • The best quail coop designs allow the quail keeper (aka a quail tender) easy access to the cage interior to gather eggs, fill the feed and water troughs, and clean the coop.

The Best Free Quail Coop Ideas and Plans – Our Official List

We searched tirelessly to find the best free quail coop ideas. We think the following can match any homestead – whether you have a massive budget or something much thriftier.

1. Elevated Backyard Quail Hutch with Enclosed Dust Bath DIY Idea

Building a New Quail Hutch
Start here if you want a reliable quail house with clear-cut instructions! Slightly Rednecked shows how it’s done – along with the details of building the wood frame, doors, rafters, and roof. The result is a solid quail coop idea with plenty of foot per bird.

Why not kick off your quail adventure with this easy-to-DIY quail hutch idea from Slightly Rednecked that observes all the primary criteria for quail health and quail-keeper happiness?

The quail hutch makes an ideal backyard quail hutch project. Using standard lumber from your hardware store: 

  • Screw a post-and-bearer elevated frame using 2” x 4” and 1” x 4” boards.
  • Staple ¼-inch hardware cloth to the timber frame to create a floor, walls, and ceiling.
  • Fit rafters to the upright posts and install corrugated roofing.
  • Use plywood boards to build an en-suite dust bathhouse.

We appreciate the simplicity of this DIY build and the fact that it gives the quail a safe and natural home off the ground at an ergonomic height for the quail-keeper.

The key benefits of this backyard quail hutch are:

  1. Lots of natural light.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Protection from foul weather and predatory critters.
  4. Inexpensive and easy to build.

HANDY TIP: Predrill all the screw holes to prevent the timber from splitting when the screws get inserted. 

Get the idea HERE FREE!

2. Multi-Layered Indoor Quail Cage Idea with Egg Rollout Tray

QUAIL FARMING-Thousands of Quails chicks & Build Modern DIY Quail Cage!!
Buckle up! Because the next stop on our route is Dexter’s World. They have experience hatching and raising countless thousands of baby quail – without needing a massive acreage or farm. We also love the quail cage design. It’s efficient, thrifty, and has a ton of clever features. (The quail cage introduction starts at around 5:50 in the video.)

If you have a few square feet of cozy and safe barn space to spare, a multi-layered quail cage with integrated egg rollout trays will get your quail egg business off to a great start, as Dexter’s World demonstrates in this DIY quail cage walkthrough. 

The design is a simple 2” x 4” timber frame with sloped plywood poop barriers that serve as roofs for each cage tier.

Dexter uses plastic hexagonal chicken wire mesh, which is safe for elevated indoor quail coops and marginally easier on the feet of the quail than steel mesh. 

  • NOTE! Plastic mesh is not 100% predator-proof. 

The plastic hardware cloth floors of the cages are sloped ever so slightly to allow the quail eggs to roll from the quail cage through the gap Dexter has at the base of one wall of each quail cage.

While using this design outdoors runs a significant risk of your quail becoming fast food for predators, the idea is nifty for predator-free indoor quail egg production because of the following.

  1. The sloped floors make egg gathering low-mess and ergonomic.
  2. The sloped plywood poop trays are easy to clean.
  3. Low cost of materials.
  4. Simple DIY construction.

Get the ideHERE FREE!

3. Elevated Outdoor Quail Hutch Plans with Feeder

Building A "Slightly Rednecked" Quail Hutch - Part 1
Here’s one of our favorite quail coop ideas from The Emergency Prep Guy if you have many eggs to collect daily. It has a nifty ramp to make quail egg collection less of a fuss. It’s perfect for several adult quail. And it won’t cost nearly as much as other poultry housing.

Borrowing the idea from Slightly Rednecked, our #1 quail coop project, Emergency Prep Guy, adds a wooden hopper feeder to his outdoor quail hutch. And he details how he executed the build.

The plans on his website include the following.

  • A detailed materials and tools list.
  • Lumber sizes and cut lengths.
  • How to safely assemble the frame and quail cage hutch divisions.
  • How to build and install the DIY wooden quail feeder.

The plans include several tips to ensure an efficient build and optimal use of building materials. Nice!

Get the FREE quail hutch plans HERE (videos included).

4. Indoor Stacked Quail Cage Plans with Materials & Cut List

How to: Build a Stacked Quail Cage
We tip our hats to Coturnix Corner for an economical and modern quail house design. It’s the ultimate quail coop idea if space is at a premium in your barn, yard, or homestead. The quail pen idea features three stacked cages. Each quail cage is approximately six square feet.

Getting your quail coop plans from a true quail enthusiast is a great way to get your quail-raising adventure off to a wholesome start. Check out these plans (and video) from Coturnix Corner to get a good idea of how to DIY an indoor 3-tier quail cage. 

Simple but appealing, this DIY quail cage build uses standard 2” x 2” lumber, plywood, hardware cloth, hinges, automotive drip trays, barrel bolts, staples, and PVC piping for a watering system.

  • The floors of the three stacked cages get made using PVC-coated ½”-inch hardware cloth for happy quail feet!
  • Three automotive drip trays get used as poop collection trays. And they make for easy cleaning.
  • Plywood gets used to create a solid backing for the three-tier coop, adding extra rigidity and preventing quail poop from dirtying the garage wall.

A solid DIY set-up for indoor quail that respects the comfort requirements of these fantastic little game birds!

Get the FREE plans here.| Get the video here.

The Quail Lady's Guide to Raising Coturnix on the Homestead | Alexandra Douglas

Here's the ultimate guide on raising Coturnix Quail by Alexandra Douglas - the Quail Lady! She has over a decade's worth of experience raising poultry - and has raised birds since she was a kid. Her book teaches little-known insights about buying, caring for, raising, breeding, and housing quail. It makes raising quail from scratch much more straightforward.

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5. Eye-Level Outdoor Quail Coop Plans with Wide Roof 

backyard coop for quail or rabbits
Instructables is one of our favorite sources for outdoor DIY tutorials – this quail and rabbit coop design included! The coop itself looks beautiful and is perfect for your backyard. And – they also share a comprehensive list of materials needed and detailed instructions. They get extra points for clarity.

If bending down to pick up quail eggs isn’t your idea of happy homesteading, an outdoor eye-level quail coop may be your solution, as detailed in this easy DIY project from instructibles.com.

The plans include materials and cut lists for standard lumber sizes, including 2” x 4”, 1” x 4”, and 2” x 8”-inch lengths.

  • A sloped polycarbonate roof and barn door hinges give this tall outdoor quail coop a classic chunky-and-funky look!
  • Concrete piers form the base for six long but sturdy legs.
  • You’ll need wire cutters for the ½” and ¼” hardware cloth.
  • The 2” x 8” rafters provide ample space to mount decorative plant hooks.

Bonus: Outdoor quail coops don’t need a poop tray! The droppings fall through the hardware cloth onto the ground below and can get effortlessly scooped up for composting.

An outdoor quail coop that stands on legs three feet above the ground will help prevent your quail from becoming dinner for predators. And it’ll save your back muscles from spasms!

Get the FREE plans here.

6. Winterized Solar-Lit Two-Tier Quail Hutch Idea

white quail coop holding up well in snowy weather
We couldn’t believe this cold weather quail coop from Confetti Coop Farm. It’s perfect! It looks like one of the sturdiest designs on our list – and it also looks snowproof. It’s ideal for cold-weather ranchers – or anyone who wants to protect their baby birds in the chilly weather and rain!

Can quail survive a harsh winter outdoors? They certainly can. For sure! It helps if you build them a well-protected, walled shelter in a rabbit hutch style! Here’s an excellent DIY quail hutch idea for snowy climes, a quail condo from mainesconfettiquailfarm.com.

Get standard 2” x 4” timber for the frame, plywood for the walls, ceilings, and floors, hardware cloth for the windows (ventilation, dividers, and a view), pool liner (for the quail coop floors and roof), and hinges to construct a two-tiered hutch capable of housing 16 quail.

  • Mount the stacked hutches on short, stout gum poles on concrete pavers.
  • Cover the floors and roof with a pond liner.
  • Finish the completed quail coop hutch with enamel paint.
  • Install a solar lighting kit with a timer (for light and heat). 
  • Establish a small garden on the roof (plants and herbs!).

The idea is relatively simple to make. But it does require regular interior cleaning due to the solid floor. The builder uses sand and alfalfa as litter in the quail coop hutches. Which, once removed, makes perfect compost for the garden!

Get the idea here

7. Easy DIY Small Outdoor Quail Coop Idea

Easy Quail Cage With Egg Roll Out Tray
4 Kids and a Farm encountered a problem that many quail ranchers face. Their baby quail began to outgrow their brooder! So – they built a lovely, hand-made quail cage using some chicken wire mesh, a wooden frame, some wooden 2-by-4s, and 2-by-3s. It also has a built-in mechanism to help capture eggs without fuss.

Looking to DIY a small backyard quail coop that’s cheap to build and light enough to be moved by two people? Here’s a nifty quail cage idea from 4 Kids and a Farm that includes an egg-rolling floor!

This quail coop idea can house up to 16 quail both outdoors in warm weather and indoors in winter. The design uses standard 2” x 4”, 1” x 2”, 2” x 2”, and 2” x 3” timber lengths, plus hardware cloth and plywood boarding.

  • The coop is elevated two feet off the ground. (Easy for kids to learn quail tending.) And it incorporates a hinged door with a barrel bolt latch.
  • A zinc roof rounds off a sturdy, roomy, and easily portable quail coop for all seasons! 

The egg rollout floor can get fitted with foam insulation tape to prevent the eggs from cracking as they hit the lip of the egg rolling tray.

Get the idea here

8. Predator-Proof Outdoor Quail Run Step-by-Step Plans

How to build a Quail or Chicken Run.mp4
We love this chicken tractor for quails! The design by SelfSufficientMe is a nifty-looking quail run that gives your active birds plenty of space to sprint, leap, play, and flap without interruption. The instructions are also easy – you can follow along and duplicate the quail coop idea in ten easy steps.

Your quail will agree – the more space they have to move about with their feet in the earth and headroom to fly while within a safely-fenced run, the happier they’ll be. We couldn’t agree more, and selfsufficientme.com shows you how to build your quail idyll, step-by-step! 

The plans describe the process of building a simple post, cross-brace, and hardware cloth run, with wiggle room for your custom requirements:

  • Select a flat and elevated patch of ground as the site.
  • Level the site and measure for holes to sink and concrete in several tall posts.
  • Dig a trench to insert protective anti-burrow steel mesh.
  • Fit cross-bracing to the roof area. 
  • Attach hardware cloth.
  • Make a door with timber and hinges.
  • Add natural elements to the quail run.

With oodles of interior space, the quail run can get equipped with a cozy hutch for warmth in chilly weather!

You can watch the video here or,

Get the plans here.

9. DIY Backyard Quail Aviary Idea on a Repurposed Concrete Slab

BackYard Quail Aviary - Keeping Coturnix Quail in an outdoor setting.
Coturnix Corner makes some of the best quail coop ideas for backyard homesteaders. Here’s another one of their designs perfect for offering your quail plenty of outdoor space. It’s an outdoor quail aviary! It also makes an excellent lounging area for your birds. Alternatively, it looks spacious enough to serve as an extra chicken house.

Do you have an old shed with a concrete floor? Has the shed seen better days? Keep the concrete floor and build a beautiful quail aviary on top of it. A quail aviary will give your little game birds a natural, safe, and spacious home so they can flyCoturnix Corner shows how to get it done. 

A concrete floor is ideal for an outdoor quail coop, keeping predators at bay with no problem. This quail aviary idea uses standard lumber sizes – 2” x 4” and 2” x 2” boards to construct a simple framework for hardware cloth walls and a tarp roof.

  • Extra protection, shade, and aesthetic appeal get added using a wooden lattice garden trellis at the base of the aviary.

Bed the aviary with a sand-dirt mix and decorate the interior with all things natural that make quail feel right at home, including branches, grasses, roosting boxes, etc.

The cool part of this quail aviary idea is – you can sit in it and get acquainted with your quail flock!

Get the idea here.

Read More!

10. DIY Outdoor Hoop House Quail Run Idea

Building a quail run/ Start to finish
Cabin On The Hill Homestead goes into great detail when sharing how they built this elegant-looking quail run – from start to finish! The results look superb. And the quails seem happy, content, and relaxed in their new home. Good job!

With room to stretch their wings without danger, your quail will be much healthier and happier than battery quail. A quail run provides a lofty length of protected space in your yard for your quail to forage and fly, just like they do in the wild! 

Create a hoop house design using horse panels, standard lumber, and wire mesh for an easy DIY quail run project, a la Cabin on the Hill Homestead.

  • Build a rectangular wooden base frame on which to mount hooped horse panels.

You’ll need the following

  • 3 x 16’ x 5’ horse panels for the hoop.
  • 4” x 4” timber boards for the base framework and center support posts.
  • 2” x 4” timber boards for the base cross bracing and a door.
  • Chicken wire. Or better yet, ¼” hardware cloth to cover the hooped horse panels.
  • Heavy-duty cable ties connect the horse panels and secure the wire mesh to the hoop superstructure.
  • tarp to draw over a section of the hoop house to create shade and protection from the elements.

Key design considerations include:

  • Sinking the wire mesh below ground level to help prevent predators from burrowing into the quail run.
  • Erect the quail run in a well-shaded area.
  • Cover most of the quail run with greenhouse plastic during winter. Greenhouse plastic protects the quail from wind and snow. While still allowing sunlight to stream into the quail run.

This DIY quail run idea is not a cheap exercise, but it’s a relatively simple task requiring only two sets of hands! And you’ll have the happiest quail in the county!

Get the idea here.

11. Cheap DIY Indoor Stackable Quail Cage Idea with PVC Pipe Frame

How to Make Stacking Quail Cages
Slightly Rednecked comes to the rescue (again!) for anyone needing a quail cage in a pinch. It only took a few minutes – plus some PVC pipes and hardware cloth. It’s not the fanciest quail cage idea on our list. But it gets the job done!

Is the skyrocketing price of timber preventing your DIY ideas from happening? Here’s a wood-free quail cage idea that’s low-cost and easy to build – if you’re handy at bending wire. 

Slightly Rednecked (Chris is his name) demonstrates how to effortlessly and cheaply suspend two handmade all-wire quail cages and two quail droppings trays inside a PVC pipe frame!

Materials you will need to construct the cages include:

  • ¼” Hardware cloth.
  • Heavy-gauge fencing mesh. You’ll only need two short lengths. So offcuts will do fine.
  • J-clips.

To fabricate the quail cages, use a 1” x 4” board length as a straightedge. Against which 90-degree edges can get hammered into the hardware cloth.

Wear leather work gloves to prevent the cut wire mesh from cutting your hands.

To create the framework, purchase the following.

Once you’ve cut the PVC pipe to the required set of lengths for the framework, attach the elbow fittings to the cut lengths of pipe (Chris chooses not to use glue, but you can if you desire).

Drill holes in the PVC uprights to attach wire suspenders for the cages (standard fencing wire is perfect).

Slide in two automotive oil drip pans below each cage to catch the poop.

We like this idea because it’s a low-cost, modular, and portable solution for indoor quail housing!

Get the idea here.

12. Low-Cost DIY Pallet Wood Quail Coop Idea with Egg Rollout Floor

Ridiculously efficient quail cage that addresses all your woes!
Video Eppo makes one of the most economical and straightforward quail coop ideas anywhere. It’s perfect if you want an indoor quail coop. And while this coop isn’t the grandest or fanciest – it won’t cost much to build from scratch, and it fits in small places. And it’s super stylish!

Can you use pallet wood to build a quail coop? Yes, you can – if non-chemically treatedVideo Eppo shows us a savvy way of repurposing pallet wood boards to make a neat quail coop. And it includes an egg rollout floor! 

The trick with this design is ripping pallet boards lengthwise with a table saw to create ¾” x ¾” runners that will form the framework of the quail cage.

  • The wood runners get nailed together using a nail gun.
  • Hardware cloth gets stapled to the interior of the framework.
  • Three doors on the cage make for easy access to the interior of the coop
  • Sheet metal is cut and bent to create a poop tray.

With free pallets, a table saw, and a nail gun (which also serves as a stapler), you’ll save big on materials costs!

Get the idea here.

13. Small Predator-Proof DIY Quail Tractor Idea

small quail coop resting on green grass
We searched every square inch of the planet for the best quail coop ideas. Including Reddit! And we think we’ve found the best one, by AllPronouns. It’s arguably one of the tiniest quail coops on our list. But it’s also one of the most efficient. It features an interior dusting room, a feeding mechanism, and wheels. It’s the ultimate mobile quail unit!

A quail tractor is the best way to spare you from cleaning poop trays! A quail tractor is an outdoor movable coop that fertilizes the earth while nourishing your quail with natural elements. This small quail tractor design idea from Allpronouns is predator-proof and super-functional!

  • A set of photographs gives you the idea for a 16’ x 2’ 1.5’ timber-framed box clad with boards and hardware cloth to create a quail tractor body.
  • Long handles and two barrow wheels are attached to the box for easy lifting and moving.
  • The floor of the quail tractor gets made using ¼” hardware cloth to stop predators from burrowing into the tractor.
  • A large, enclosed dust bath section integral to the quail run section provides ample room for 16 quail.
  • hinged roof with polycarbonate panels allows easy access to the quail, eggs, and feeder.

A borderline-genius DIY PVC feed hopper and nipple watering system come in the idea. Neat!

Get the quail coop design idea here.

14. Two-tier DIY Quail Hutch on Wheels Plans

Building our DIY QUAIL Hutch + so many chicks!
This quail coop idea from Teal Stone Homestead is one of the neatest designs. It appears professional – and the build quality and finish look excellent. (Good attention to detail – and they make it look easy!) It features roll-out trays, castor wheels, and sturdy-looking hardware cloth.

Does a sturdy indoor/outdoor mobile home for your quail sound good? Here’s a set of free DIY plans from Tealstonehomestead.com for a traditional two-tier quail hutch equipped with castor wheels, giving your birds the enjoyment of outdoor life when the weather is dry and warm, and the security of indoor living when rain and winter set in! 

  • The free plans include a materials list, tool list, and dimension diagrams with cut lengths.

The plans provide detailed step-by-step instructions with an accompanying video!

The result is a timber-frame, elevated, double-story quail coop on caster wheels equipped with PVC-coated hardware cloth floors and removable poop trays.

Simple and elegant!

Get the plans here.

15. Three-Tier Indoor Quail Coop DIY Plans

QUAIL CAGE BUILD Made Easy. Step by step instructions.
Here’s an excellent quail coop design for inside your barn or garage by Simply Made Homestead. The quail pens are triple-deckers and look sleek, modern, and chic. The videos and their quail cage article also contain step-by-step instructions, plus a detailed materials list. No more second-guessing which materials to use!

We’ve included this set of free plans because it provides excellent step-by-step instructions to DIY a proven three-tier indoor quail coop. Simplymadehomestead.com goes the extra mile and adds a video to the build master class!

You will need basic woodworking skills and tools to cut and join 2” x 2” lumber and not much else! Ok – wire cutters, hardware cloth, and a stapler too!

It’s a low-cost, effective, and aesthetically pleasing indoor quail hutch design. With poop trays!

Get the plans here. | Watch the video.

16. Urban Backyard Quail Hutch and Run Idea

#87 Keeping & Raising Quails for Eggs | Countryside Life
Her 86m2 wins the prize for the most adorable quail coop idea. It looks fancy – like a dollhouse! We love the finished product – and the color scheme looks elegant and beautiful. The quails also seem happy in their new home. We love the video!

You may live in the city with a small garden patch, but that shouldn’t stop you from raising quail! Here’s a beautiful video from Her 86m2 of an urban quail hutch and quail run that clearly shows how easy it is to reap the rewards of quail bird husbandry.

The quail hutch is not a DIY project – it’s factory-produced but easy to replicate

A quail run for a neat urban garden typically won’t need a wire mesh floor to protect against burrowing predators. It’s a tremendous bonus for the quail – unobstructed access to green earth!

  • Interestingly, the quail hutch in the video has a ramp, and the quail use it!  
  • A sloped roof and easy-to-remove poop trays form part of the design.

Follow the design tips of our previous hutch ideas and scroll through these pics on Amazon for the overall dimensions of the quail hutch.

The adjoining quail run is straightforward to DIY – a square timber frame with hardware cloth walls and ceiling. And a hinged corrugated roof. Easy!

We love this urban playhouse for quail, and the video quality is superb!

Get the idea here. | Read the blog.

17. DIY Large Quail Tractor Idea for Pastured Quail

She Raises & Sells Pastured Quail in Asheville (Wild Way Farm)
We’re saving one of the most exquisite quail coop ideas – and destinations for last. Sow the Land is taking us on an adventure to Wild Way Farm. There’s a ton to see here – including portable quail housing! (Be sure to say hello to the pastured quail and Idaho pasture pigs – they’re adorable!)

Raising the plumpest, healthiest quail on the market requires pasturing. Pastured quail outperform battery quail in meat and egg quality. Hands down! If you’re considering marketing your quail products, watch how Wild Way Farm pastures quail in 6’-tall quail tractors that give the birds direct contact with the living soil!

The quail tractor design emulates an A-frame chicken coop and includes a nesting box into which the quail get herded for safe transportation come relocation time.

The cool thing about a large quail tractor, apart from the natural habitat it affords the quail, is how user-friendly they are for the quail farmer:

  • Feed bill reduction as quail eats bugs from the grass.
  • Walk in to gather eggs.
  • No cleaning poop trays!
  • Quail fertilize the soil directly!

Quail farming quote of the year: “I’ll never get used to chopping anything’s head off, with scissors!” – Clara Zander: owner/manager, Wild Way Farm.

Get the idea here

quail eggs resting on green grass
Here’s the real reason we love raising quail. It’s the quail eggs! Quail eggs are tiny compared to chicken eggs. But their design is far more fascinating. And we can never get enough deviled quail eggs. Here’s a deviled quail egg recipe we recommend to our friends. But before you treat your family to an ongoing basket of delicious quail delicacies, let’s discuss our favorite quail coop ideas. They’ll make raising quail and collecting quail eggs much more straightforward. And less messy!

Bonus – DIY Quail Coop Hacks

  • You can use an angle grinder to cut hardware cloth.
  • Protect eggs resting in the rollout tray with a lid made from hardware cloth or wood board.
  • Use tarp material to help insulate the coop in winter.
  • Lay hay on the mesh floor to help protect the quails’ feet.
  • Pinecones make perfect quail habitat accessories.
  • Electric fence wire around the periphery of an outdoor ground-level quail coop or quail tractor will keep predators at bay.
young quail resting on straw in a small barn
A few of our homesteading friends have never seen quail before. And they’re not sure what they look like. Well, here’s a lovely quail specimen! They’re beautiful and stately birds. And they hatch delicious, lovely-looking eggs. Quail are also much smaller than chickens, turkeys, and ducks. They’re perfect if you have a small homestead or want to raise pets that give you yummy eggs.

Conclusion – What’s Your Quail Coop DIY Coup?

We’re sure you’ll agree. Quail coops that house natural elements like branches, dirt, and grass boost quail health. All 17 of these free ideas and plans for DIY quail coops can accommodate natural outdoor features. And a dust bath!

You want happy, healthy quail, and we’re confident this comprehensive set of quail coop ideas will get you fired up for a DIY project that will change your life – a coop for quail, a coup for nature!  

Quail Coop Ideas – References, Guides, and Works Cited

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