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31 Awesome Chicken Coop Signs Ideas

Are you looking to spruce your coop with a sign or two to make things livelier? Then read this post! I’ve scanned through countless dozens


Do Heat Pumps Have Dehumidiers?

A warm day can seem rather hot with enough moisture. For example, 83 degrees Fahrenheit feels like 93F at 85% humidity. This makes a big


Lard: Good for You, Good for Your Wallet

Lard was a staple in your grandmother’s kitchen, and in her grandmother’s. Its low price made it wildly popular during the Great Depression, although its

heavy horses in the winter

Winter – Bob’s Farm Stories

I have an aversion to winter. I hate winter, I hate the cold, the frost and the snow, the ice, and the cold winds that


How to Build a DIY Smoker for $5

One of the many hobbies I enjoy in the outdoors is smoking meats.  I happen to have a culinary background, but also love hunting, fishing,

Bench Seating Banquette

13 Best Outdoor Banquette Ideas With Photos

13 Best outdoor banquette ideas! When you’re hosting outdoors, there are a whole bunch of seating options at your disposal; benches, deckchairs, armchairs, and patio