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open farm gate with a welcoming green pasture landscape

Free Land for Off Grid Living In the USA and Canada In 2023

The past few years have made more people than ever wish they could escape city life and begin living closer to nature, healthier, and much more simply. That means that people are increasingly searching for free land for off-grid living. The search for more freedom is happening…

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18 Best Homesteading Books for Beginners In 2023

Whether you are new to homesteading or just want to refresh on the basics, it’s always best to have a reliable homesteading book in your library. The homesteading lifestyle prompts families, both young and old, to become more self-reliant, which has a lot of benefits. But –…

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colorful and vibrant moss with various shades of green

Edible Mosses – Can You Eat Moss and 3+ Types to Forage

Can you eat moss? Yes, but it isn’t highly recommended and can be dangerous! Humans have used mosses for millennia to determine direction, insulate structures, locate water sources, disinfect foul water and soil, combat soil erosion, for some health benefits, and yes – to eat. But…

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wicker branch and flower fence in the garden

How to Make a Wattle Fence [Step-by-Step DIY Guide]

How can you build a wattle fence? Start here. We show how. But first, imagine creating a highly efficient and easy-peasy garden border, or a barrier for small animals, with little or no money and minimal physical effort. Sounds too good to be true? Since Neolithic times, people…

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Best Whole House Generator (Pro Generator Review 2023)

Generators can be complicated to shop for, especially if you’ve never had to figure out the best type of whole house generator for your home. In addition, to get the most from your generator, you must understand how much wattage you need, how a whole house…

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hand holding a clean glass of drinking water from tap filter

How to Dechlorinate Tap Water for Free and at Home! [6 Ways]

If you have ever lost your water supply for a week or longer due to storm power outages, you appreciate the benefits of city water. But public water systems have a notable downside. The water sometimes tastes chlorinated. Sometimes heavily chlorinated! Modern homesteaders appreciate the value of…

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