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Please note we are currently NOT hiring new writers.

Hey there fellow outdoor warrior! Are you looking for an opportunity to help others live the life they’ve dreamed of? Want to earn an income doing so?

“We Can’t Help Everyone but Everyone Can Help Someone”

We’re always looking for new writers who are passionate about sharing their journey, their knowledge, and their ideas with others. The writers who can help us grow better food and inspire us to start living a self-sufficient life. Writers with innovative tips or a different way of gettin’ things done.

Whether you’ve been farming for 50 years or have just started out – we want to be part of your journey!

If you’d like to submit your article for consideration, you’ll find the form below.

Article Subjects We’re Looking For

Articles We Love to Publish

  • We love articles that help us. In-depth guides, tutorials, and how-tos.
  • Include photos. Photos help illustrate your ideas. We love to see what you’re doing and how you did it!
  • List clear steps. How exactly did you do this?
  • Articles of something you’ve actually done, with photos. DIYs, projects, etc.
  • Articles with great ideas or innovative tips. Can you make our life easier?
  • Articles that share your knowledge or expertise

What Kind of Articles We Don’t Publish

  • Anything self-promotional
  • Articles with the intent of promoting another website
  • Articles for the intent of link-building
  • Fluff or non-actionable advice
  • Any article not unique or already published
  • Articles we have already published. Please have a look through the existing content to make sure we haven’t already published something on the same subject.

How Much Do We Pay?

An important question! We all have animals to feed and seeds to buy…

We will pay $30 for each article published.

How Do I Start?

We’re so excited you’re excited! You’ll find a form below where you can tell us a bit more about amazing-you. You can also upload your article there, and photos to go with it.

Now, when you go through all the effort of filling out this form, you agree to us storing your information. We only do this so we can publish your article and contact you if we need to – not to send you awful, unsolicited emails! We’d love you to subscribe to our newsletter, of course, but that’s your choice. Submitting this form does not subscribe you to anything. Phew!

Once you’ve submitted the form, please allow us up to 7 days to get back to you. We aim to respond much sooner, but you know how it goes on a homestead – there’s always something that needs doin’. We respond to every article submission because hey, you’ve put in the work and so will we.

One thing…

We ask that you do not publish your article elsewhere during those 7 days. Everyone likes to feel unique, you see. After those 7 days, if we don’t publish your article, you can publish it elsewhere. That’s another reason we respond to every submission. At least you know where you stand.

  • Form removed – not currently hiring writers.

Don’t Have an Article Yet?

If you don’t have an article yet, or you prefer to check with us before you write it, you can still fill in the form. Maybe you’re planning a 3000-word guide and want to check if it’s something we’re interested in. No problem!

Include as much detail as you can about your article idea. The more, the better.


We do give priority to forms with articles already included. That’s mainly because we get a LOT of submissions from people whose aim is not to help but only to promote themselves or another website. That’s not the kind of content we’re looking for. Including your article helps us filter and prioritize your genuine, helpful self.

Final Tips

  • Think about your reader. What is their problem and how can you help them?
  • Be thorough – tell us everything we could possibly want to know
  • Check that we haven’t already published a similar article
  • Make sure your article is unique and not previously published
  • Make sure you get facts right and back them up with research links.
  • Include photos!
  • Write well. Our editors will help you but try to make your article easy to understand with clear headings.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us!

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