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Simple Ways to Make Your Balcony Beautiful

Your balcony can serve as a sanctuary where you can escape the daily stress and sit in the quiet. Alternatively, balconies can be inviting when you have guests.

No doubt, you want to make your balcony comfy and beautiful. Like any empty room, it needs furniture.

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1. Furnish Your Balcony

Small balcony in middle of apartment complex
Choosing the right furniture for your balcony is paramount to creating a cozy space! Choose wicker, teak, iron, or plastic – these materials fare well in the weather.

Before making a significant investment in balcony furniture, consider size and materials.

For example, a small balcony won’t accommodate a large sofa. Best materials for furniture include wicker, teak wood, wrought iron, or plastic. These all hold up to the elements.

Swings and balconies go together like peanut butter and chocolate. If you do not have room to hang a traditional porch swing, consider the stand-alone egg chair swing. This whimsical swing will add a pop of pizzazz to your balcony.

Sunnydaze Dalia Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair with Seat Cushions - 45-Inch

Next, dedicate an area for eating.

A small round table and 2-3 chairs are ideal. If your balcony seems too crowded, select furniture that folds. You can set it up when you want to eat or play board games on the balcony.

Sunnydaze 3-Piece Meranti Wood Square Folding Bistro Table and Chairs Set - Modern Comfortable Lightweight Outdoor Dining

Provided you have the space, invest in an L-shaped bench with built-in storage. A matching table eliminates the need for a table and chairs.

You can also put a long wooden planter against the wall and attach your bench to it.

Meranti Wood 2-Seat Outdoor Storage Bench with Teak Oil Finish

2. Decorate Your Balcony With Plants

Be mindful of the decorating adage – less is more. Don’t clutter every inch of your beautiful balcony with potted plants. If you put a planter behind your L-shaped bench, it is the ideal space to grow green plants and flowers.

Plant up.

Sunnydaze Meranti Wood Multi-Tiered Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand - Teak Oil Finish

Get a ladder and put pots of plants on each rung. Or hang a few plants from the balcony ceiling. For example, upside-down tomato plants are fun.

If you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, your balcony is the ideal spot for an herb garden. Start with easy grow herbs such as thyme, basil, rosemary, dill, mint, and parsley.

Sunnydaze Tri Over-the-Rail Planter - Round Polyrattan

3. Color Your Balcony Beautiful

Plants will provide plenty of the healing color – green. But there are options to add other pleasing colors to your balcony.

Find a rug with a colorful design and place it underneath your table and chairs.

Draw from the colors in your rug and purchase complementary cushions and pillows for chairs or couches. Put a pretty colored tablecloth on the balcony table. Lay a couple of vividly colored afghans on chair backs.

Sunnydaze Olefin Round Bistro Chair Cushions - Set of 2

If you’re short on seating, toss several outdoor safe, oversized pillows on the balcony floor.

4. Light-Up

Outdoor Phoenix Floor Lamp

Colored string lights on the balcony railing will enhance the atmosphere. Sconces on the wall add sleek sophistication to your balcony.

Plug in a reading lamp next to a comfy chair. After dark, light plenty of candles for a romantic ambiance.

The décor of your beautiful balcony reflects your personality. You’ll spend happy hours on your balcony reading, meditating, stargazing, napping, or visiting with friends.


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