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Save Money With Hand and Solar-Powered Well Pumps


Many homeowners are looking for ways to save money, and solar powered well pumps are on the list. Since many rural communities have personal water supplies, water pumps are a necessary part of the system.

Water pumps require electricity to deliver water to homes, barns, and outbuildings. This can mean laying hundreds of feet of conduit and lines to reach the well pump. When problems arise, locating the issue is not only time consuming, but it is expensive.

In addition to the hundreds of feet of wire to your pump, additional lines are required to go from the main power supply to the home, garage, or barn where the service for the pump will be supplied.

Solar panels simplify the set up while reducing the cost of these supplies for residents, farms, and other private businesses. This process eliminates the need for electrical poles to deliver the lines from roadways to the property while setting up a free source of energy.

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Hand-Powered Well Pumps

The cheapest way to get water out of your well is with a hand-powered well pump.


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Lehman’s has deep-water well pumps and shallow-water well pumps. You can put a beautiful top on it, like in the picture above. These pumps are American-made and the deep-water well pump is designed to pull water from deeper than 20 feet below the ground.
Some of these pumps can pull water from as deep as 150 feet!
The best thing is that they don’t require any electricity, solar or otherwise. Just some basic muscle power – a great addition to your self-sufficient or off the grid homestead.

Set Up Cost of a Solar Powered Well Pump

Set up costs for installing your solar-powered well pumps can be as low as $2000 for a basic system. Larger solar power arrangements cost more and handle a wide range of water supply requirements. These systems usually transport water up a couple of hundred feet and deliver at a rate of several gallons a minute.

The more extensive setups can deliver more water per minute and provide a deeper point of access while supplying water to multiple sources. The main drawback is the initial payout is higher than a typical electrical bill, but the homeowners save money on water delivery for years to come.

Maintenance and Care

The solar panels require an annual wash with hot water and a gentle detergent to maintain a reliable solar absorption rate. You can do this yourself or higher it out as part of the annual maintenance check for your water pump. Either way, the electrical savings makes it a win-win for many homeowners.

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