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How to Make a Garage Door Safe – 5 Simple Steps

Although modern garage doors are designed to maximize safety, they still have the potential to cause injuries. Children and pets are most vulnerable, but adults also need to exercise caution. You can make any door safer by maintaining it regularly.

1. Upkeep

Lubricate the moving parts twice each year. Things like rollers, springs, and hinges must be oiled to work well.

A professional could perform this task, or you can visit a hardware store and purchase a specialized lubricant. Be sure to examine the cables, pulleys, and springs periodically.

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2. Repair

When this equipment doesn’t work properly, becomes stuck, or has faulty sensors, promptly schedule professional service. Pay attention to any odd sounds. If you’re not sure, ask an expert to inspect the system. Remember that high-tension components make do-it-yourself repairs rather dangerous.

3. Remotes

If you have remote controls for the opener, don’t let kids play with them. Hide these devices in a hard-to-reach location. Children may not understand the potential risks. Keep in mind that young kids could suffer serious medical problems if they swallow remote batteries.

4. Opener

Test the opener to verify that it automatically stops and reopens when the door hits an obstruction. This safety feature can prevent someone from getting trapped under it. Use an object of little value for testing purposes. Repair or replace an opener that crushes the obstacle.

5. Education

Remember to thoroughly read the instructions and encourage youngsters to treat this mechanism with respect. They shouldn’t put their fingers between the panels, run under a partially open door, or hold onto the door as it rises.

Like most pieces of equipment, garage doors serve a beneficial purpose but require proper care. It’s also crucial for everyone to learn about potential risks and safe behavior. The right precautions and knowledge greatly reduce the likelihood of any mishaps.