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How to Start a Homestead With No Money, Today!

If you have dreams of starting a homestead, you are not alone! An ever-expanding legion of people dream of escaping the rat race and building a self-sufficient life. The urge to step away from the corporate world and create a homestead from scratch is irresistible for…

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person and dog running in snow covered landscape in warm winter pants

20 Best Winter Pants for Outdoor Work [Men and Women!]

Working outside during the winter months is always a challenge. While it might be tempting to wrap yourself up in a duvet before heading out, you can’t work with all that fluff immobilizing your limbs, so turn to our best winter pants for outdoor work instead!…

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arnica flower

11 Homemade Arnica Salve Recipes to Easily DIY

Arnica is one of those herbs that we may not all be super familiar with, but one that should still be in your medicine cabinet all the same. In fact, it should be right beside your elderberry syrup! Though it’s recommended that you don’t use arnica…

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backyard stone landscaping fire pit

13 Landscaping Ideas With Stone and Mulch

Stone and mulch are two prevalent landscape elements for all the right reasons! They are not just cost-effective and easy to maintain; both continuously prove to be worthy of a range of natural, gorgeous textures and patterns for landscaping ideas – both are worth every penny!…

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how to keep backyard chickens in your yard

How to Keep Chickens From Leaving Your Yard When They’re Free-Ranging

We all know that keeping chickens free-range provides them with the best living conditions – they can roam freely, pick the best natural food, and display all their natural behaviors. Free-range chickens have other benefits, too. Eggs from free-range operations are potentially more nutritious than the regularly farmed…

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baby quail chick with eggs

5 Best Quail Incubators to Hatch Eggs at Home

Did you know that around 80% of quails are farmed in China? Why not change this statistic and start hatching your own quail – we’ve made it easy with these 5 best quail incubators! Quail eggs hatch in less than a month. Hatched chicks are very…

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walnuts in the grass

Nut Wizard vs Garden Weasel – Which Nut-Gatherer Is Best?

When cleaning up your lawn this autumn, the last thing you need is a mess left behind by unwanted guests. I’m talking about walnuts that those pesky squirrels leave behind. (How rude!) Isn’t it frustrating trying to pick up leftover walnuts with your hands for hours? I know about…

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