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Cold Homemade Eggnog Ice Cream

How to Make Traditional Hand Crank Ice Cream (With Recipes)

Delicious homemade ice cream without electricity? No problem! Hand crank ice cream provides your family with many memories, from having cranking competitions to enjoying family-made ice cream on Sunday night. The right hand crank ice cream maker (also known as a manual ice cream maker) makes…

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How to Attract Bees to Your Garden [Complete Guide]

Bees can do wonders for our gardens and our planet, but you’ll need to know how to attract them if you want to see the benefits in your garden. If you want to invite these handly little pollinators to your property, you’ll need to decorate it…

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71 Practical Homesteading Skills and Ideas You Can Learn Today

Whether you’re already on a homestead or dreaming of being a homesteader, homesteading skills are invaluable – and lots of fun! They give you a real sense of accomplishment, you save money, and you’re becoming more self-reliant in the process. Jump right in with the homesteading…

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old diy root cellar in newfoundland canada

How to Build a Root Cellar Cheap [But Effective]

Here’s how to build a root cellar cheaply! And – here’s why you should have a root cellar. Root cellars are used – and have been used – for centuries worldwide to preserve food – especially root crops. You can build them above ground. Or below…

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