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rural wooden fence winding through grassy field

The 5+ Easiest Fences to Install Yourself [Without a Big Budget]

Looking for the easiest fence to install yourself? All homesteaders will need a privacy or garden fence at some point. Your options are hiring the local fence-building guys or doing it yourself. Unfortunately, perimeter fences aren’t cheap. And the local fence-building guys are out of your…

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bamboo fence forming a privacy boundary

Cheap Ways to Block Your Neighbors View [15+ Ideas!]

Unless you are an unreformable exhibitionist, you need some cheap ways to block your neighbor’s view. Of your house, your deck, your yards.  Not that you ever plan anything inappropriate. But as we all know – stuff happens – like doing the Macarena in the garden….

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diy bamboo fence in the forest

15 Cheap Fence Ideas and Designs for Privacy and Utility

Whether you’re setting up a smallholding or need to revamp your garden, low-cost fencing options are a lifesaver. Quotes from fencing companies can be shockingly expensive, so you might start looking at other cheap fence ideas and low-cost fence designs. One thing that all homesteaders have…

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epic outhouse on a mountain homestead

17 Simple Outhouse Plans You Can DIY Cheaply

As far as traditional off-grid structures go, an outhouse needs a simple plan for a simple DIY build – a tall wooden box with a door positioned atop a hole in the ground. Job done! Or is it? Is that the limit of DIY outhouse design today? Modern outhouse plans…

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beekeeper working on beehive

Backyard Beekeeping [Complete Guide for Beginners]

You may wonder why I’ve dedicated an entire guide to something as simple as a bee and how to start your journey into backyard beekeeping. I’ve talked about my love of multitasking animals here before, and honey bees are some of the best. Obviously, they’ll provide…

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Cold Homemade Eggnog Ice Cream

How to Make Traditional Hand Crank Ice Cream (With Recipes)

Delicious homemade ice cream without electricity? No problem! Hand crank ice cream provides your family with many memories, from having cranking competitions to enjoying family-made ice cream on Sunday night. The right hand crank ice cream maker (also known as a manual ice cream maker) makes…

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