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Bootstrap Farmer’s New DIY Pre-Bent Steel Hoop House Kit (All Metal Greenhouse)

Bootstrap Farmer is well-known across the US for its propagation supplies, seed trays, and hoop house/greenhouse kits. The greenhouse kits can be put up in one weekend and are well-priced, allowing you to build a professional-grade vegetable house or greenhouse yourself.

Up to now, you would bend your own poles with a pole bender, using conduit poles purchased locally. That was until this new pre-bent hoop house was released. Watch this video below of them putting one up!

These greenhouse/hoop house kits are made in the USA from heavy-duty USA steel. The steel is LEED-certified and coated with Flo-Coat clear sealant.

What is LEED, you might ask…

“LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Available for virtually all building types, LEED provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings.”–US Green Building Council

Bootstrap Farmer’s greenhouse kits ship for free to most of the US. You can build your own kit online in three steps:
  1. Choose the size of your greenhouse
  2. Add the options you want, like shade cloth, groundcover, fans, etc.
  3. Checkout

Greenhouse Kit

What’s in the Steel DIY Hoop House Kit?

This steel greenhouse kit comes with everything you need. Some of the other kits require you to get your own poles, pole bender, etc. but this one helps you hit the ground running. Here’s what’s included:
  • Pre-bent hoops
  • Ground posts (Pre-cut and pre-drilled for quick installation)
  • Post driver (Goes over the top of your ground post and helps you place posts in the ground. Prevents you destroying the post ends)
  • Steel braces
  • End walls
  • Door frame
  • Galvanized hardware
  • Aluminum lock channel and PVC-coated spring wire (Lock channel and spring wire are the most secure and safe way to attach your greenhouse covering)
  • Greenhouse plastic with a four-year rating and warranty (The manufacturer uses a five-layer film setup for extra strength and longevity.  The UVA protection gives the greenhouse plastic a four-year rating and warranty)

Greenhouse Kit

Choosing Your Hoop House Kit

You start by choosing a base kit package.

First, choose the width. You can choose 14′ or 20′. Here are the lengths you can choose, depending on the width.

14′ Wide:

  • 20′ long
  • 40′ long
  • 60′ long
  • 80′ long
  • 100′ long

20′ Wide:

  • 20′ long
  • 40′ long
  • 60′ long
  • 80′ long
  • 100′ long


Next, choose your options.

  • Door upgrades. You can upgrade to bigger doors, add extra doors, or have double doors on both ends of the hoop house.
  • Sidewall ventilation. A kit to control the ventilation in your hoop house (video below) with roll-up sidewalls using hand cranks. Includes winches, conduit, couplings, clamps, etc. You need to choose the right kit for the size of your greenhouse.
  • Insect net. Insect netting for open sidewalls, fits in the same lock channel as the plastic.
  • Extra greenhouse plastic. The kit comes with the first layer of greenhouse plastic, which covers your endwalls as well. You choose to add another layer of greenhouse plastic for extra insulation. You can also add an air inflation kit if you have double-layered greenhouse plastic.
  • Landscape fabric. You can choose to add this fabric to cover the ground before you build your hoop house kit.
  • You can add shadecloth at various shading percentages, frost blankets, and greenhouse plastic repair tape.

Once you’ve chosen your options, it’s time to checkout. Greenhouse kits are shipped free to the lower 48 states of the US.

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