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Best Electric Tiller for Lush Garden Soil in 2021 [Top 8 Garden Tillers Compared]

Want to launch a beautifully lush garden for the summer of 2021?

Or maybe you want to improve your garden’s soil so that your plants and veggies have a chance to flourish?

If so, then I recommend studying our list of the best electric tillers for 2021!

Whether they have cords or go cordless, electric tillers save boatloads of time and trouble! Electric tillers are also less messy than gas tillers.

That’s why you should read this article!

We’re about to analyze the best electric tillers with optimal backyard function for nearly any situation.

Sound good?

Let’s go – starting with our top pick!

Our Top Pick

Sun Joe TJ600E

  • Powerful 6.5-amp motor
  • Great value for the price
  • Cultivates up to 14″ wide and 7″ deep
  • Perfect for small- to medium-sized gardens

Our Best Electric Tillers for a Lush Garden

  1. Sun Joe TJ600E Electric Tiller
  2. Sun Joe TJ603E Electric Tiller
  3. Mantis 7250 Electric Tiller
  4. Greenworks Corded Tiller
  5. Earthwise TC70016
  6. Scotts Tools TC70135S Electric Tiller
  7. TACKLIFE Electric Tiller
  8. Troy-Bilt TB154E

# 1 – Sun Joe TJ600E Electric Tiller and Cultivator

Sun Joe TJ600E Joe 14-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Tiller/Cultivator, 6.0
$129.00 $105.40
  • ✅ VERSATILE: Ideal for small to mid-sized gardens and flowerbeds
  • ✅ POWERFUL: Powerful 6.5-amp motor cultivates up to 14" wide x 7" deep
  • ✅ DURABLE: 4 steel tilling blades for maximum durability and performance
  • ✅ MAINTENANCE-FREE: No gas, oil or tune-ups make it effortless to start and maintain
  • Decibels (dB): 93
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
08/11/2022 05:56 am GMT

The Sun Joe TJ600E is one of the smaller tillers on this list, but there are many reasons why it ranks at the very top. 

This electric tiller made by Sun Joe has a powerful 6.5 Amp motor which can cultivate up to 14 inches wide and 7 inches deep

If you want to make a mid-sized garden and flowerbed in your yard, you go with this tiller. 

This tiller is also very quiet, distributing a noise level of 93 Decibels (DB). 

Any durability questions can be tossed aside like the tilled grass as its four steel tilling blades can pick up just about anything in its path. 

Let’s not forget how affordable this tiller is. $100 is a breathtaking deal!

Another reason why this small tiller ranks number one?

Cue the drum roll… 

I own this tiller! 

Steven’s Sun Joe Tiller

I have tested this guy out for some time, and I am more than satisfied with its performance. 

Sun Joe TJ600E Specs: 

  • Motor: 6.5 Amp
  • Cultivating Width: 14 inches
  • Cultivating Depth: 7 inches
  • Blades: 4 blades
  • Weight: 18.7 pounds
  • Instant Start?: Yes
  • Collapsible Handle?: Yes

Sun Joe made such a great quality product in a small gardening tool. 

Yes, I have to deal with an extension cord and make sure it stays plugged in, but that doesn’t bother me. 

While this isn’t the most robust tiller you can buy, trust me when I say that you will grow to appreciate the Sun Joe TJ600E. 

What We Like

  • Powerful 6.5 Amp motor is super easy to start.
  • Very quiet at 93 Decibels.
  • Incredibly affordable with more than 1000 excellent reviews
  • Ultra-lightweight at just under 19 lb.

What We Don’t Like

  • One of the smaller tillers on this list so if your soil is heavy, clay-based, or you need to till a lot of ground, it probably won’t be big enough.
  • You’ll need to lug an extension cord around.

# 2 – Sun Joe TJ603E Electric Tiller and Cultivator

Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator , Green
$159.00 $115.00
  • DURABLE: 6 Steel angled tines for maximum durability and performance
  • EASY STORAGE: Handle folds for convenient storage and easy transport
  • WHEEL-ADJUSTMENT: 3-position wheel adjustment
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
08/11/2022 05:46 am GMT

Now, if you have a decent-sized yard, like closer to one acre or more, then you might need a step up in your Sun Joe tillers. 

Do you need to cultivate a garden patch 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep

Then give the Sun Joe TJ603E a call! 

This electric tiller can make such a patch with its powerful 12 Amp motor and its durable six steel angled tines. 

What is also beautiful about this tiller is its 3-position wheel adjustment, so depending on where you take the tiller, it can cut into any surface level of dirt. 

Sun Joe TJ603E Specs:

  • Motor: 12 Amp
  • Cultivating Width: 16 inches
  • Cultivating Depth: 8 inches
  • Blades: 6 blades
  • Weight: 27.1 pounds
  • Instant Start?: Yes
  • Collapsible Handle?: Yes

Slicing through the soil at 340 RPM – this tiller will save you the time and effort when making the garden patch and flowerbed of your dreams. 

Do you still have to deal with an extension cord? 

Yes, but like its little brother, keeping the cord plugged into this Sun Joe tiller shouldn’t bother you. 

What We Like

  • More powerful than the TJ600E with its 12 Amp motor
  • It’s still incredibly affordable
  • 3-Position wheel adjustment
  • 6 Blades rather than 4.

What We Don’t Like

  • You’ll have to deal with an extension cord, just like the previous model.
  • The handle assembly can be a bit rickety – one user suggested hose clamps around the joints to firm it up.

# 3 – Mantis 7250 Electric Tiller

Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller, Pack of 1, Red & Black
  • Quiet, instant-starting, 3-speed 540 watt motor
  • Weighs just 21 pounds, but as powerful as a gas model
  • The compact 9 inch width allows the tiller to get into tight spaces around your yard that...
  • The unique, curvy tines can be used to till down 10 inches deep. Or, simply turn the tines...
  • Folds for easy transport and storage
  • Engine: Electric, 115V double-insulated ¾ hp, 540W circuit breaker No fuel required
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Need something light to carry around in the yard? 

How do 21 pounds of a Mantis 7250 Electric Tiller sound? 

Running on a 9 Amp motor with an output of 540 Watts, this tiller has an instant start function, and it’s quiet when it does work. 

You can easily fold the handles for transporting and storage. It also has a compact cultivating width of 9 inches, but it has a great depth of 10 inches

What gives this Mantis tiller an edge is its worm gear transmission set. 

Encased by aluminum housing, this gear set turns the tines to as much as 240 RPM. That is what you call power. 

Mantis 7250 Specs:

  • Motor: 9 Amp (540 Watt output)
  • Cultivating Width: 9 inches
  • Cultivating Depth: 10 inches
  • Blades: 4 blades
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Instant Start?: Yes
  • Collapsible Handle?: Yes

The three adjustable speed settings on this tiller will help you to judge how fast you want to till. 

The Mantis 7250’s cultivating width of 9 inches is a plus instead of a minus!

The narrow width can enter tight spaces in your yard that larger tillers cannot reach. 

Don’t miss our article on the Mantis XP Extra-Wide Tiller for more details on Mantis tillers + our Best Garden Tillers Review!

What We Like

  • Nice and lightweight to move around at 21 pounds
  • Narrow so you can reach places other tillers can’t
  • Excellent build quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Not as much power as the TJ603E (9 Amp vs 12 Amp)
  • Will struggle in heavy or clay-based soils.
  • Still needs an extension cord

# 4 – Greenworks Corded Tiller

Greenworks 8 Amp 10-Inch Corded Tiller, 27072
$179.99 $126.65
  • Powerful 8 Amp Motor for reliable results with an easy electric start eliminates the need...
  • (4) 8 inch forward rotating tines for highest performance when digging into earth
  • Adjustable tilling width of 8.25 inches to 10 inches for quick reliable tilling; Assembly...
  • Adjustable tilling depth, up to 5 inches offers the versatility to dig for the right...
  • Handle folds down for simple and convenient storage and transportation
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
08/11/2022 02:58 am GMT

A common misconception about tillers is that those with fewer blades are less powerful. 

That is not true! 

This corded tiller made by Greenworks proves that a tiller with just four blades can be powerful enough for yards. 

This tiller has a powerful 8 Amp motor that instantly starts, and it has 8-inch tines that rotate forward for optimum performance. 

Sometimes it is not easy fitting gardening tools like tillers inside your garage (and take it from me, I would know with my tiller). 

The ergonomic handle of this tiller can fold down for storage and transportation! So, you won’t have any hassles. 

Greenworks Corded Tiller Specs:

  • Motor: 8 Amp
  • Cultivating Width: 8.25 to 10 inches
  • Cultivating Depth: 5 inches
  • Blades: 4 blades
  • Weight: 29.3 pounds
  • Instant Start?: Yes
  • Collapsible Handle?: Yes

While its cultivating depth may not be the most impressive on this list at 5 inches, both its depth and cultivating width are easily adjustable. 

You can make this Greenworks tiller work at the settings you prefer – no problem.

The only real knock against this tiller is that assembly is required, but, thankfully, no tools are needed!

What We Like

  • Super easy to start
  • The handle folds down so it’s easy to store in a garage or shed for winter

What We Don’t Like

  • 8 Amp motor may be underpowered for big yards
  • Max tilling depth is 5″

# 5  Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric Tiller and Cultivator

Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator, Grey
$179.99 $165.92
  • 6 adjustable tines
  • Adjustable 11" To 16" Width/ 8" Working depth
  • Powerful 13.5 amp
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle. Assembled product dimensions (L x w x h)-40.00 x 19.00 x...
  • Lightweight, easy to operate, and convenient to store.Tine length:16 inch
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
08/11/2022 02:42 am GMT

Although you will have to deal with a cord, this electric tiller made by Earthwise is one of the best on the market. 

It runs on a powerful 13.5 Amp motor, and all of its key components are adjustable. 

It has six adjustable steel tines, and you can adjust the cultivating width, ranging anywhere from 11 to 16 inches

Earthwise’s tiller is easy to start and stop at any time and requires little maintenance. 

What helps you get through a tilling session with this thing is its comfortable ergonomic handle, so you don’t have to fight for the correct handling position. 

Earthwise TC70016 Specs:

  • Motor: 13.5 Amp
  • Cultivating Width: 11 to 16 inches
  • Cultivating Depth: 8 inches
  • Blades: 6 blades
  • Weight: 29 pounds
  • Instant Start?: Yes
  • Collapsible Handle?: No

The handle’s cushioned grip is non-slip, so you can control the cultivating process and guide the tiller in the way that you want. 

This Earthwise tiller weighs 29 pounds! The power that this tiller packs inside is something to be appreciated and admired. 

This tiller would be an outstanding choice for starting a raised bed for flowers or vegetables. 

What We Like

  • Powerful 13.5 Amp motor
  • Depth of 8″ is suitable for most plants
  • Up to 16″ wide – you’ll get more done than with, for example, Greenworks’ 10″ wide tiller.
  • Lightweight for its power at about 29lb

What We Don’t Like

  • Lugging an extension cord around
  • Needs a bit of muscle! It’ll go for hours but you’ll feel it the next day

# 6 – Scotts TC70135S Corded Tiller and Cultivator

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70135S 13.5-Amp 16-Inch Corded Tiller/Cultivator, 11" Wide and 8" deep, Green
  • Powerful and durable 13.5-Amp electric motor tiller
  • Versatile cultivator and weed control tool for any garden, lawn, yard or flower bed, with...
  • 6 adjustable tines that are made of alloy steel which lasts
  • Easy to set up and start; Operate this tiller comfortably with its soft grip
  • Flip-down rear wheels for easier handling and transport
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
08/11/2022 08:51 am GMT

If you want a gardening tool that will dig deep into the dirt and make a difference in your yard, then this tiller could be your ideal choice. 

Scotts is a brand that specializes in gardening products, so it isn’t surprising to see a powerful electric tiller made by the brand. 

A 13.5 Amp motor coupled with six adjustable alloy steel tines makes for a reliable tiller. 

It is easy to set up and start thanks to the push of a button, and its soft ergonomic grip helps you have a comfortable tilling experience.

Scotts TC70135S Specs:

  • Motor: 13.5 Amp
  • Cultivating Width: 11 to 16 inches
  • Cultivating Depth: 8 inches
  • Blades: 6 blades
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Instant Start?: Yes
  • Collapsible Handle?: No

With a cultivating depth of 8 inches, you should have no problems getting the garden patch you want as you maneuver this tiller through your yard. 

You can also have better handling and transport thanks to the tiller’s flip-down rear wheels, so the 30 pounds of weight this tiller has won’t be such a burden to carry around. 

This tiller from Scotts is well worth the $160 price.

What We Like

  • One of the more powerful tillers in our review at 13.5 Amps
  • Nice, wide tilling width of 16″ max.
  • Lightweight at 30 pounds

What We Don’t Like

  • A bit more pricey than some of the other options.
  • Some users didn’t have much success on hard or virgin soil that hasn’t been tilled before. You’ll most likely find this with most electric tillers, though. If you need a tough job done, look into gas tillers.

# 7 – TACKLIFE Electric Tiller

Not only does this electric tiller made by Tacklife have a fast start button, but it also has a safety switch which means it can automatically stop – should trouble arise. 

There are a lot of good things to say about this tiller. 

It is height-adjustable, and the wheels can flip down to help maximize the tiller’s mobility. It also helps that this tiller weighs only 26 pounds, so there is more mobility right there. 

The tiller’s rubber handles make for a comfortable ergonomic grip, and its collapsible handles make storing it in the garage very easy. 

Tacklife Electric Tiller Specs:

  • Motor: 12 Amp
  • Cultivating Width: 16 inches
  • Cultivating Depth: 8 inches
  • Blades: 6 blades
  • Weight: 21.8 pounds
  • Instant Start?: Yes
  • Collapsible Handle?: Yes

The powerful 12 Amp motor will plow through plenty of ground, and its 16-inch cultivating width makes it simple for you to create a garden patch. 

You will need to assemble this Tacklife tiller, but no tools are required. 

Unfortunately, the Tacklife tiller is no longer available!

# 8 –  Troy-Bilt TB154E Electric Garden Cultivator


Are you looking for efficient cultivating? 

Consider the simplistic design of the Troy-Bilt TB154E Electric Cultivator, which features four steel tines that rotate forward. 

Having modest power in a 6.5 Amp motor, this tiller has an adjustable tilling width that ranges from 6 to 9 inches

While its cultivating depth may not be much at 5 inches, keep in mind how much you want to till your yard. 

If you have a small yard and only want to till a few patches for a garden, Troy-Bilt’s tiller would be a solid choice. 

This tiller’s well-balanced ergonomic design stands out. 

Its transport wheels complement its tilling action, and you have a comfortable grip while you operate it. The heavy-duty gearbox that makes up part of the design provides lasting durability. 

Troy-Bilt TB154E Specs:

  • Motor: 6.5 Amp
  • Cultivating Width: 6 to 9 inches
  • Cultivating Depth: 5 inches
  • Blades: 4 blades
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Instant Start?: Yes
  • Collapsible Handle?: No

The tines can dig, tear and turn the soil, which means you will get an efficient performance. 

Oh, and it’s also backed by a 2-year limited warranty! (Always check warranty details before purchase!)


What We Like

  • Excellent limited warranty of 2 years (check warranty details before purchase!)
  • Includes a grab bar to make it easy to move
  • Cord minder is a nice touch

What We Don’t Like

  • Least-powerful electric tiller in this review at 6.5 Amps
  • Only tills to 5″ deep
  • More pricey than the Sun Joes at around $160 at Troy Bilt

Electric Tiller Comparison

Below is a chart of how each electric tiller stacks up against one another. 

The differences between each tiller are not dramatic, but it is worth noting what exactly you will get with the tiller of your choice. 

Electric TillerMotorCultivating WidthCultivating DepthBladesWeight
Sun Joe TJ600E6.5 Amp14 inches7 inches4 blades18.7 pounds
Sun Joe TJ603E12 Amp16 inches8 inches6 blades27.1 pounds
Mantis 72509 Amp9 inches10 inches4 blades21 pounds
Greenworks8 Amp8.25 to 105 inches4 blades29.3 pounds
Earthwise TC7001613.5 Amp11 to 16 inches8 inches6 blades29 pounds
Scotts TC70135S13.5 Amp11 to 16 inches8 inches6 blades30 pounds
TACKLIFE12 Amp16 inches8 inches6 blades21.8 pounds
Troy-Bilt TB154E6.5 Amp6 to 9 inches5 inches4 blades32 pounds

What we can take from this battle royale (and not a demolition derby!) of electric tillers are some fascinating details. 

When it comes to the motor, four tillers stand out as the most powerful. 

How Do the Electric Tillers Compare?

Let’s take one final look at how the electric tillers stack up across various categories!

Cultivating Width

Let’s break down cultivating width! 

There are five clear winners when it comes to their range. 

Cultivating Depth

Cultivating depth may be one of the biggest concerns you may have if you want to dig into the dirt. 

I find it surprising that a few of these tillers don’t offer much depth, even though they’re super-powerful. 

  • The winner pulling ahead in this category is the Mantis 7250, with its depth of 10 inches, even though it doesn’t offer much cultivating width. 

Number of Blades

The amount of blades a tiller has, in my opinion, is a non-factor. 

A tiller with four blades is just as good as any tiller with six blades, depending on your needs. 

In this category, I will call this a tie between all eight tillers. 

Tiller Weight

The weight of an electric tiller comes down to your preference, and there is no wrong answer here. 

In my case, I prefer lighter tillers because I feel like I have more control over where they can go. 

Yes, there will be the occasional kickback motion when a lightweight tiller hits the dirt, but you have to roll with it. 

  • My little buddy tiller, the Sun Joe TJ600E, is the lightest in weight on this list, and I love it!

In your case, it may be a different story, and you would prefer a heavier tiller. 

What’s the Difference Between a Cultivator and a Tiller?

The differences between a cultivator and a tiller are subtle but also very clear. 

If you already have an established garden and intend on improving or sustaining its health, cultivators are best suited for this job. 

Two Big Differences:

  • Cultivators can break up dirt but are not as heavy-duty as tillers. 
  • Cultivators typically have smaller tines than tillers, and they are easier to move around since they are generally smaller machines. 
  • On the flip side – you will need a tiller to break up the ground! Especially if the soil is harder or rockier.

If you only want to tear up patches of land that have overgrown weeds, plants, or grass, the tiller is the best option. 

If you are new to the world of gardening, you could use the tiller to create a brand new garden patch. 

If you are thinking about long-term larger-production farming, you get a tiller out to create a field. 

Want to learn more? Read our epic guide about cultivators vs. tillers and how to choose the right option for your homestead!

Can a Tiller Remove Grass and Roots?

In my experiences tilling the ground, I can safely say that you will have a much easier time removing grass with a tiller. 

Removing roots with only a tiller is not recommended.

If you want to remove roots, I suggest buying a unique tool such as the Root Assassin serrated shovel. And, couple that with a tree lopper. 

You can remove your grass with a tiller, but you have to be patient and be willing to go over patches of grass multiple times to tear it up.

How Do You Till a Garden Without a Tiller?

There are many other tools out there that can help you till a garden without using an actual tiller. 

The most common tool that can help you till would be a hoe, including wheel hoes and regular manual hoes. 

Alternatively, you can use tools like the Claw Pro made by Garden Weasel, which will dig into heavy soils. 

Garden Weasel Garden Claw, Cultivate, Loosen, Aerate, and Weed – Features comfort grip handles and is made from Carbon Steel
  • power source type: Natural Gas
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
08/11/2022 02:53 am GMT

If you are interested in putting some elbow grease into your yard, you can use a pickaxe or a mattock tiller.

I also invite you to read our post about how to till a small garden without a tiller! Perfect if you have a small garden patch to work – but you don’t have the tools to spare.

What is the Best Tiller to Buy?

So now we come to this question…

Which one of these electric tillers is the best to buy? 

Ultimately it is up to you how you want to make a garden patch!

But, here are my best tips for choosing the right electric tiller:

  • If you want a wide garden patch, you go with a tiller with a width of at least 11 inches. 
  • If a tiller has an adjustable width, then that’s even better. 
  • If depth concerns you, try to aim for a tiller that can dig at least 8 inches into the dirt. 
  • If power isn’t a factor to you? Then you will do fine with the Troy-Bilt TB154E and Greenworks tillers

As for me, I will stick with my little buddy tiller, the Sun Joe TJ600E, until further notice. 

I haven’t been disappointed by it yet, and it does the job it is supposed to do for my yard. 

What are your experiences with electric tillers? 

Have you tried any of the tillers on this list?

Were they positive experiences? 

Or did you find yourself going back to gas-powered tillers? 

Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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  • Steven is a passionate gardener who loves to dig holes and take care of plants. If you need advice on how to shape your garden and what to add to it, give this guy a call. When he's not preoccupied with feeding a group of barn cats in his backyard, he can be seen planting flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables. Whether it's mowing lawns, trimming pesky weeds, or tilling garden patches, this guy can tell you the ins and outs of yard work at home.