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Best Composting Crocks That Don’t Stink Out Your Kitchen

If you have experience making compost piles, then you may be familiar with composting crocks. There is one basic goal of having the best composting crocks in your kitchen. Making sure the compost doesn’t stink up the place is that goal!

We don’t want compost piles to stink so much that even skunks wouldn’t touch them… Some people have even reported composting crocks to smell like poop – yuck!

If you want to cut down the amount of weekly trash you produce, composting kitchen scraps is the way to go. You will also get great organic material for your outdoor garden plants if you use the best composting crocks correctly.

Check out our post on the best worm farm kits as evidence of efficient composting methods! So, if composting crocks interest you, how about we dig deeper into what makes one work?

Our Top Pick

Stylish Farmhouse Composting Crock

  • Comes with 2 spare charcoal filters
  • 100% rust proof and easy to clean
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Looks great!

How to Use Composting Crocks

There are many different types of kitchen composters to buy on the market, but let’s focus on the best composting crocks for now.

These crocks are pottery containers with lids on the top and they are designed to hold your compost in an appealing way until you can dump it outside to become part of your compost pile.

When it comes to using a composting crock, all you need to do is treat it like a trash can, but with a few exceptions.

No meat, bones, fats, or dairy products are allowed inside this crock. These materials will cause odors that not only smell pretty bad, it might also attract animals in the middle of the night.

The things you can include in your composting crock include coffee grounds, tea bags, eggshells, and seeds and peels from fruits and vegetables.

One benefit of a composting crock is that it may have a filter in it to eliminate potential odors. While they are visually appealing, composting crocks are sometimes heavy to lift.

Here we go!

Best Composting Crocks Top 12

  1. Best Overall: Granrosi Stylish Farmhouse Kitchen Composting Crock
  2. Most Beautiful Compost Crock: Mason Farmhouse Style Ceramic Compost Bin
  3. Gardenatomy Copper Kitchen Compost Crock
  4. Most Eco-Friendly Composting Crock: Bamboozle Food Compost Bin
  5. Best Small Composting Crock: Third Rock Countertop Compost Bin
  6. The Relaxed Gardener Kitchen Compost Bin
  7. Easiest to Clean: OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin
  8. EPICA Countertop Compost Crock
  9. Exaco Eco Kitchen Compost Collector
  10. Gardener’s Supply Company Rustic Composting Crock
  11. Stoneware Composting Crock
  12. Best Freezer-Safe Composting Crock: Full Circle Scrap Happy Compost Bin

1. Granrosi Stylish Farmhouse Composting Crock

Granrosi Stylish Farmhouse Kitchen Compost Bin - 100% Rust Proof w/ Non Smell Filters - Easy Clean 1.3 Gallon Container Looks Fabulous on Your Kitchen Countertop
  • ✅ ODOR FREE INDOOR COMPOSTING: The Granrosi kitchen compost bin is the perfect odorless...
  • ✅ HIGH-GRADE CHARCOAL FILTERS: In addition to the built-in charcoal filter you will...
  • ✅ PREMIUM COMPOST PAIL CONSTRUCTION: The metal indoor compost bin provides long-term...
  • ✅ LARGE CAPACITY FARMHOUSE DESIGN: 1.3 gallons (7.1” dia./11” height) offers ample...
  • ✅ SUPER EASY CLEANING & HANDLING: Use the sturdy handle to empty the indoor compost into...
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/27/2023 12:04 am GMT

Sometimes you just need to keep things simple, and that is what this composting crock is all about.

Sporting a vintage farmhouse style is this compost crock, which adds some color and variety to your kitchen. It includes a carbon filter that is located inside the lid which will control all the stinky odors.

The composting crock includes 3 charcoal filters. Each filter will last you 3-4 months, so the set of 3 filters will last you just about a whole year!

It’s a nice size at 1.3 gallons and has a special coating that makes it rust-proof. Although it’s not dishwasher-safe, it’s easy to wash with a bit of soap and water.

2. Mason Farmhouse Style Ceramic Compost Bin

Ceramic Compost Bin for Kitchen Counter | Indoor Compost Bucket With Handle and Lid | Mason Farmhouse Style Jar | 2.3 Liter Capacity - Includes 3 Charcoal Filters
  • Use indoor to add both charm and composting functionality to your kitchen with this small...
  • The lid is specifically designed to fit a 10cm diameter carbon filter to keep your kitchen...
  • Can be used with or without a compostable bag and has a smooth glaze on the inside making...
  • Great as a compost starter for beginners or a gift for the most avid composter to add to...
  • Includes - (1) 2.3 liter ceramic compost bin with lid, (1) metal painted handle, (3)...
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Remember those old Mason jars you used to collect back in the day? (I have a few Mason jars in my kitchen.) Having a style that reminds you of those classic jars, this compost bin would be an ideal fit for your kitchen.

The common bag size that is used for this compost bin (which really should be called a crock…) is 1.2 gallons, so you will have enough space to put food scraps in.

You can store food waste for as long as a week inside this bin!

It has a metal-painted handle and comes with 3 carbon filters. When it comes to appearances, this is one of the best you will get in a compost crock.

3. Gardenatomy Copper Kitchen Compost Crock

Gardenatomy Compost Bin Kitchen Copper for Indoor Countertop - Large 1.3 Gallon Food Scrap Bucket, Leak Proof Stainless Steel with Copper Color - Includes 1 Year of Charcoal Filters & Liner Bags
  • BETTER VALUE: Most compost pails come with just 1 to 2 filters at most. Ours comes with an...
  • PURE, PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL: On the inside, our rugged bin is 100% stainless steel,...
  • GENUINE COPPER COATING: Go ahead... set this gorgeous canister on any kitchen counter....
  • NO MORE STINK: Insert one of our dual charcoal filters (included), then seal the airtight...
  • LOVE IT FOR A LIFETIME, GUARANTEED: If you don't absolutely love your Gardenatomy Compost...
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/25/2023 07:09 pm GMT

This compost bin has a copper appearance on the outside, and 100% stainless steel material on the inside.

Guaranteed to have leakproof strength to prevent toxic chemicals from leaching into your compost, this bin created by Gardenatomy contains 1.3 gallons of space.

It comes with 50 compostable liner bags and 6 sets of dual charcoal filters.

These features have a combined retail value of $27, but come at no additional cost to the bin’s $40 price tag! Insert one charcoal filter and then seal the lid to trap any stinky odors!

If you don’t like this fancy and decorative copper bin, you can get a full refund of your purchase price.

4. Bamboozle Food Compost Bin

Bamboozle Kitchen Compost Bin – Indoor Countertop Food Composter, Made of Sustainable Bamboo Fiber | Natural Color
  • KITCHEN COMPOSTER: Let’s send less to the landfill! Convert your own organic waste into...
  • MADE OF BAMBOO FIBER: Our composters are made of biodegradable, dishwasher safe, durable...
  • CHARCOAL FILTER: Part of what makes our bin so great is the charcoal filter that is placed...
  • SUSTAINABLE: When you are ready to move on, the biodegradable composter material breaks...
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Dimensions: 8” x 6.25” x 9” Natural Color. Dishwasher safe. Do not...
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/26/2023 11:04 pm GMT

Now, maybe you are looking for something that blends in with the rest of your kitchen?

Try this eco-friendly compost bin!

Made by Bamboozle, the main material used to make this bin is bamboo. (I see what the manufacturer did there…) Bamboo fiber is biodegradable, dishwasher safe, and durable, so you will have no trouble handling this compost bin.

Having a capacity of 1.25 gallons, this bin is able to contain organic compost for a long while.

It comes with a charcoal filter that lasts around 2 months, so you have time to make a compost pile that won’t stink. Its lid is also easily removable, so you won’t have to pry it open with a crowbar!

5. Third Rock Countertop Compost Bin

Third Rock Kitchen Compost Bin Countertop – 1.0 Gallon Compost Bucket for Kitchen – Small Compost Bin – Includes Charcoal Filter
$34.99 $31.99
  • WASTE NO MORE and go eco-friendly with an indoor composter. Third Rock’s indoor compost...
  • KEEPS ODORS IN with odor control. Food and fruit scraps, coffee grounds. It can make a...
  • WILL NEVER RUST, scratch or chip. We made our compost bucket for kitchen wear and tear....
  • THE PERFECT SIZE 1.0 gallon compost bins - enough to hold days of organic food waste....
  • EASY CLEANING! Hand wash with soap and warm water. Remove food scrap bin to clean in the...
  • THE PERFECT ECO GIFT, buy now in time for Christmas. Gift-wrap available.
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/27/2023 04:14 am GMT

Need something that is easy to clean?

I know we all dread cleaning out trash cans, but consider this compost bin for a moment. Third Rock’s compost bin only takes hand washing with soap and warm water. Nothing fancy required!

Made out of carbon steel, this 1-gallon composting crock will never rust, scratch, or chip. This thing was made specifically for kitchen wear and tear as it has a premium powder coating.

A replaceable charcoal filter comes with this decorative bin which will keep all the odors inside the bin. You will also get a 1-year warranty with this bin, but what I personally like is that tree logo on the front. Being a painting artist, I love that!

6. The Relaxed Gardener Kitchen Compost Bin

The Relaxed Gardener Kitchen Compost Bin (0.8 Gallon) - Rust Proof and Leak Proof - Built Tough to Last a Lifetime
  • OPEN WITH ONE HAND! If you have been looking for a kitchen compost container with lid that...
  • LEAK PROOF! The problem with other countertop compost containers is that they are made of...
  • NO SMELLS! Unlike other bins that need two filters to control odors, our bin needs only...
  • PERFECT FIT! Our small compost bin for kitchen is compact in size allowing it to fit under...
  • BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR KITCHEN! The neutral cream color of our kitchen counter compost bin...
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/26/2023 04:29 am GMT

Are you seeing two separate gallon bins? Why yes you are, and that’s part of this compost bin’s beauty!

Made out of durable stainless steel, this compost bin has a capacity of 0.8 of a gallon and it is guaranteed to be leakproof. There is a plastic liner bucket that goes inside the bin, so in no way does acidic food touch the powder-coated steel material.

You can easily open the bin’s lid with one hand thanks to the lid’s unique design.

7. OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin

NEW OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin - 1.75 GAL/6.62 L
  • Unique design keeps bags tucked inside for a neat look
  • 1. 75-Gallon/6. 62-Liter capacity perfect for busy kitchens
  • Smooth interior makes Bin easy to clean
  • Odor-containing and pest-reducing since oxygen can flow through the soft-close lid
  • Stay-open lid makes it easy to toss scraps in while you’re working
  • Lid is removable for convenient emptying
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/26/2023 04:24 am GMT

Is the vintage look of a composting crock from yesteryear not your style?

If you prefer more of a modern look, then OXO has something made just for you! Especially if you have a busy kitchen, the 1.75-gallon capacity of this bin will really save you some valuable time.

This bin has smooth interior walls that will prevent food buildup, and it is also easy to clean. You can remove the lid for more convenient emptying, and you can keep the lid wide open when tossing food scraps into the bin.

Another positive about this bin?

It has excess bag management, which means that the liner bag won’t fall nor get dragged into the bin.

8. EPICA Stainless Steel Composting Crock

EPICA Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1.3 Gallon-Includes Charcoal Filter
$39.95 $28.95
  • FEATURED IN BON APPETIT & FORBES: Recognized by renowned magazines, EPICA’s compost bin...
  • CONTROL KITCHEN ODORS NATURALLY: EPICA's compost bin with an airtight lid and replaceable...
  • EASY TO CLEAN & RESISTANT TO LEAKS: Our one-piece molded counter compost bin with lid,...
  • BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME: Made of high-grade stainless steel, EPICA's counter top compost...
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/27/2023 04:50 am GMT

If you have a lot of compost to dispose of, then you have a tried and tested winner in this compost bin. It has a capacity of 1.3 gallons, which is big enough to hold many days’ worth of kitchen scraps.

However, it is still small enough to safely place on kitchen countertops. Made out of stainless steel, this compost bin has an airtight lid and an easily replaceable activated charcoal filter.

These components team up to naturally control odors.

Above all else, this composting crock is built to last with stainless steel that will never leach toxic chemicals into your compost, and a charcoal filter that will last more than 6 months if handled carefully.

9. Exaco Eco Kitchen Compost Collector

Exaco ECO-2000 Plus Kitchen Compost Waste Collector, 2.4 Gallon, Deluxe Green
  • Exaco Trading compost collector convenient handle lets you carry waste directly to outside...
  • Compost collector has a 2.4-gallon capacity
  • Includes a carbon filter that significantly reduces any odors; replacement carbon filters...
  • Made from high density polyethylene; dishwasher safe
  • Measures 8-1/2 by 9 by 11 inches
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/27/2023 02:09 am GMT

Right off the bat you get a great $20 deal for a compost bin with a capacity of 2.4 gallons.

Is it the most visually appealing compost bin out there? Probably not, but it does its job.

It includes a carbon filter that will significantly reduce powerful odors, and you can get replacement filters at cheap prices. This bin also has a convenient handle that allows you to carry the waste to any composters you have outside.

When you close the lid on this bin, it will automatically snap shut, so you don’t have to struggle to keep the odors in their place. This bin’s plastic material is dishwasher safe which means an easier time cleaning.

10. Gardener’s Supply Company Rustic Composting Crock

Rustic Farmhouse Style Kitchen Compost Crock, 7" in Diameter x 10-3/4" H, Holds 5 Quarts of Food Scraps, Kitchen Countertop, Steel Composting Bin
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Gardener's Supply Co. Rustic Compost Crock Our exclusive red metal...
  • BEST USE AS: Kitchen Countertop Compost Bin Our exclusive countertop compost bin is...
  • HIGH-QUALITY BUILT: Gardener's Supply Company Exclusive Our elegant and sturdy built...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: After transferring the organic waste, simply wash with with soapy warm...
  • INDOOR TESTED & GUARANTEED: Every purchase you make is 100% guaranteed. We will exchange...
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/27/2023 03:05 am GMT

Cute, elegant, and stylish all define this small composting crock! When you walk by this red crock, you may mistake this for a cookie jar. (Word of advice: Don’t blindly reach inside this crock!)

Though it holds only 5 quarts of compost, this crock performs exceptionally well. It is made out of durable steel that is easy to clean, and it has a carbon filter that will knock all the unpleasant odors.

The design of this crock fits in seamlessly with your kitchen surroundings, and the wooden grip and bail handle give it a distinct look. This crock is a good choice for tossing aside scraps of food that are made for a quick meal.

11. Stoneware Compost Crock

Norpro, White , 1 Gallon Ceramic Compost Keeper, One Size
$40.88 $35.23 ($35.23 / Count)
  • Practical way to collect kitchen scraps
  • Easy to clean
  • This glazed ceramic crock keeps your food scraps hidden until you're ready to take them out to the compost bin.
  • Keep it odor-proof by using our replaceable charcoal filters in the lid.
  • 6-1/2" in diameter x 8" H
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/26/2023 12:20 am GMT

This crock may not be as stylish as the red rustic crock, but it does just as much of a great job preventing odors from escaping.

This ceramic stoneware crock is easy to clean and gives you enough space to store unwanted food scraps. This crock is kept odor-proof thanks to replaceable charcoal filters that are positioned right under the lid.

It has a capacity of 5 quarts, and with the help of a liner bag, you can store food waste on occasions like small dinner meals prepared for the family.

What I personally like about this crock is that it has a sleek cylinder shape, so you can tuck this thing away in the corner of the kitchen.

12. Full Circle Scrap Happy Food Scrap Collector and Freezer Compost Bin

Full Circle Scrap Happy Food Scrap Collector and Freezer Compost Bin, Green
  • Wire rim attaches to drawer to easily scoop scraps off your counter or cutting board
  • Easy to empty, simply invert and press on bottom
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Keeps scraps in your freezer to eliminate odor and flies
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/26/2023 08:29 am GMT

Now the first thing that jumps out is that you can safely put this compost bin in the freezer. Some bins are not compatible with freezers, so if this is important to you, then consider getting this bin.

What is also helpful is the wire rim that it comes with. You can attach the bin to the cabinet drawer with the wire rim. It is made out of silicone, so you can easily flip the bin’s design inside out to empty out scraps.

If you don’t feel like reaching over to the end of the kitchen countertop to get your compost bin, then the wire rim attachment becomes essential to use. This is one versatile and convenient compost bin!

Best Composting Crocks FAQ

The Best Composting Crocks Make Your Life Easier

There’s no debate that composting crocks save you a lot of time (and potential headaches) when it comes to disposing of food scraps you don’t need.

At the same time, you start a new process of developing a compost pile that can actually serve your outdoor garden well.

You don’t automatically throw away the compost once it is established. You turn it around and use it as part of fertilizer for outdoor plants that need special attention.

A healthy and safe compost pile is beneficial for your yard, and it buys you more time to grow the plants you want. As an up-and-coming homesteader, what more could you ask for?

Already have a composting crock? Have unique stories to tell about composting crocks? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below!


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