A Beginner’s Guide to Making Booze at Home 

Welcome to the exciting world of home fermentation!

Have you always wanted to brew craft beer or make your own wine? Are you curious about making ciders and meads?

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Fermenting adult beverages at home is easier than you think!

It’s also super cool, and your friends and neighbors will love you. 

The Basics – Converting Sugar Into Alcohol

Photo by Bridgette Turner

Let’s start with the basics, like what fermentation actually means.

To create booze you must convert sugar into alcohol. Yeast is a very special microorganism that makes fermentation possible.

Yeast eats sugar, which produces alcohol, CO2, and heat. A lot of science takes place, and then voila!

You now have liquid libations for your drinking pleasure!

Pretty much any sugary liquid can be fermented into alcohol because science is amazing.

Beer is made from the sugars of barley and wheat.

Wine is fermented grape juice.

Cider comes from apples, and mead is made with honey

Fermentation Kits Are the Easiest Way to Start

Beer Making Kits, Home Brewing Kits, Cider & More 

There are tons of easy kits for fermenting your own alcohol, and all-inclusive kits are the best place to start for beginners and noobs.

Building advanced fermentation systems can be expensive, so it’s smart to make sure you love making alcohol before spending a small fortune.

Buying a kit is an affordable way to test the waters. 

Making Beer at Home

Beer Making Kits, Home Brewing Kits, Cider & More 

As a professional craft beer brewer, I obviously think beer is the most awesome alcohol to make at home.

Northern Brewer is a great website for homebrewers, and they sell several kits for beginners.

Once you love brewing at home, Northern Brewer grows with you as you improve your skills and add fancy equipment to your brewing setup.

My favorite beer kit is sold by Brewvana, and it’s available on their website.

They include online classes with their kits, which is a great option if you’re totally clueless.

Get Yourself Some Brewing Books

If you’re 100% dedicated to becoming a kickass homebrewer, you’ll also need to buy some books.

How To Brew by John Palmer and Designing Great Beers by Ray Daniels are excellent choices.

They’re considered mandatory reading for all craft beer nerds, including homebrewers and industry professionals. 

Photo by Bridgette Turner

Making Wine at Home

For wine lovers and future home vintners, there are three companies selling the best winemaking kits for newbies.

Master Vintner, RJS Craft Winemaking, and Winexpert offer a wide selection of kits at a variety of price points. They’re all available on tons of websites, including Amazon.

For cheaper, faster, and slightly easier wine kits, try starting with fruit wines instead of grape wines.

Blueberry wine may not be as classy as Cabernet Sauvignon, but it’s still fun and delicious!

Making Cider at Home

Hard Cider Kit
Hard Cider Kit
from: Brooklyn Brew Shop 

Cider is one of my many weaknesses as a professional lush.

Compared to beer and wine, cider kits are much more affordable and significantly easier to make.

There are two cider kits on the market that will make you look like a genius in the fermentation kitchen. One is called Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider Making Kit, and the other is called Craft A Brew Hard Cider Kit.

Craft A Brew Hard Cider Brew Kit
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  • NEW JOHNNY APPLESEED – The history of American cider is a long one. This home brew cider...
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  • CRAFT A BREW KIT QUALITY – Each hard cider kit is assembled by hand in Orlando, FL...

Both kits include all the basic tools you need to make three batches of cider.

Just add juice!

You can buy them on Amazon too, which rules because I’m addicted to Prime. 

Making Mead at Home

If you want to make something a little less conventional, mead is a tasty and intoxicating choice for home fermentation.

Like cider, mead is easier to make than beer and wine. Unlike cider, mead isn’t necessarily cheaper because honey can be pretty pricey.

The plus side is that you can buy local honey from someone in your area, and supporting local businesses is undisputedly awesome. It’s also a fun adventure to pick up local honey from a little farm or cool market.

Check out the beginner kits from HomeBrewStuff and Must Bee to start your mead-making journey. 

Feeling a bit stressed by all your booze-making options?

Watch this video by Must Bee which, I promise, is the most relaxing video about making alcohol you’ve ever seen. 

Fermenting Your Own Beverages Is the Coolest Hobby

No matter which alcohol you prefer, fermenting your own beverages at home is one of the coolest hobbies you can have!

It’s a great creative outlet, and it’s super fun to share your creations with family and friends.

Fermentation kits also make great gifts for the booze lovers in your life.

Once you’ve mastered the easy kits, you can start upgrading your equipment and get crazy with recipes.

The best part of home fermentation is enjoying a drink you made yourself!

Please remember to enjoy your new hobby responsibly. Cheers!

Photo by Bridgette Turner

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