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7 Summer Patio Decor Ideas for 2021 – Backyard Decor on a Budget!

Summer 2021 is almost here!

It’s nearly time to call your family over for a barbeque and breathe some dewy sweet summer air!

That’s why we’re showcasing the best summer patio decor ideas for 2021 and backyard decor on a budget.

Whether you want to spruce your backyard for your next family get-together or if you wish to spend more time relaxing by a backyard campfire, you’ll love what we’ve found for you.

We’re going to feature some of the BEST backyard decor deals we could find from one of our favorite digital retailers, SunnyDaze Decor.

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Let’s also take a much closer look at the best backyard decor ideas for 2021!

# 1 – Add a Majestic Wind Spinner to Your Backyard Patio

Sunnydaze Gold Dust 3D Whirligig Wind Spinner
Sunnydaze Gold Dust 3D Whirligig Wind Spinner

Are you preparing your patio or backyard decor for a graduation party, family get-together, or are you hosting your family soon?

Maybe you want to add flair, animation, and visual appeal to your backyard decor on a budget?

If so, then I encourage you to add wind spinners to your backyard patio!

As far as backyard decor on a budget goes, wind spinners are probably the best bang for your buck – especially if your garden, patio, or porch lacks color.

SunnyDaze Decor makes some of my favorite wind spinners that dance, spin and react to the gentle summer breeze.

Features and Benefits of SunnyDaze Decor Wind Spinners:

  • Watch in amazement as the orb’s golden, green, and purple colors blend to form a magnificent swirl of hues.
  • 2-inch hook so you can attach your wind spinner to a branch, tree, trellis, or nearly anywhere you can imagine.
  • Stainless steel material so you don’t need to panic or worry about damage when it rains!
  • Perfect for outdoor use – and it also looks great inside of your home.

The spinner is surprisingly large (about 12 inches by 12 inches) and weighs less than a pound – so you can position your wind spinner wherever your imagination takes you.

If you live in an area that doesn’t get much wind, then don’t panic!

You can also add a wired or battery-powered motor to help your wind spinner get more action.

# 2 – Transform Your Backyard Patio into a Heavy-Hitting Garden

Sunnydaze Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Bed Kit
Sunnydaze Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Bed Kit

Adding a heavy-duty raised garden bed is one of the trendiest summer patio decor Ideas for 2021.

Everyone loves stretching out back on their favorite patio as they barbeque some hotdogs and turkey sausage on the grill.

The only problem is that your patio wastes a ton of real estate! I think that grass, flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and plants are far superior to a concrete slab.

That’s why adding a rustic raised garden bed is one of the craftiest ways to hack your backyard decor on a budget – while also growing some thick and hardy veggies at the same time.

Here’s a list of veggies Perfect for SunnyDaze Decor garden beds:

Since the garden bed is 16-inches deep, you can also plant heaps of root veggies or tubers like carrots, sweet potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes (my favorite), radishes, turnips, onion, or just about any herb or flower that you wish.

Or maybe you could plant red clover, which is perfect for tea, or launch an herb garden from scratch!

The garden beds look slick when huddled together on your patio, in your backyard, or alongside your garden.

If you have enough real estate, consider adding a few of these garden beds from SunnyDaze Decor to your yard so you can share an abundant veggie harvest with your kids, grandkids, parents, or neighbors.

# 3 – Turn Your Backyard into a Secret Gnome Village!

Sunnydaze Adam with Butterfly Gnome - 14-Inch Tall

A lot of friends make fun of me because I’m a Dungeons and Dragons nerd. 

That’s likely why I love these lively garden gnomes from SunnyDaze Decor. They’re an easy, joyful, and fun way to update your backyard decor on a budget!

Garden gnomes make the perfect summer patio decor idea!

  • An easy and affordable way to upgrade your terrace, porch, or walkway.
  • Let your gnome village watch over your flower garden – in style.
  • The gnomes are perfect for patio, backyard garden, or indoor use.
  • Made of durable resin.
  • Fun design – perfect for fantasy and gardening nerds.

Another thing you’ll love is how your friends and family react when they see these lively gnomes for the first time. At roughly 14-inches high, these gnomes are also taller than average.

But the brightness and detail set them apart. The vibrant colors of the gnomes will earn compliments from your gardening colleagues!

They’ll also look perfect alongside your painted daisies, tulips, angelonia, coleus, or lantana flowers.

# 4 – Want a Relaxing Summer Patio Decor Idea? Unwind on a New Hammock!

Sunnydaze Quilted Fabric Hammock
Sunnydaze Quilted Fabric Hammock

Summer is one of the best times of the year to catch up on your favorite books.

However, you don’t want to read atop a rock-hard picnic table or uncomfortable garden chair.

What you need to maximize your summer experience is a soft, cozy, quilted hammock.

If you enjoy reading outside with the sounds of the songbirds enhancing every turn of the page – then this hammock rocks.

SunnyDaze Decor Hammock Features and Benefits:

  • Accommodates you and a friend – handles two adults. (Weight capacity of about 450 pounds.)
  • The hammock’s made from weather and UV-resistant polyester so the sun and elements won’t fade the beautiful colors.
  • Durable S hooks so you can arrange your hammock wherever you wish.
  • You also get a pillow – but try not to wake your neighbors when you start snoring!

Another thing I love about the SunnyDaze Decor quilted hammock is the pricetag.

If you want backyard decor on a budget that will help you relax – then you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more relaxing deal for your cash.

# 5 – Want to Entertain Your Guests with A Roaring Fire and Barbequed Goodies?

Sunnydaze Fire Pit with Cooking Grate
Sunnydaze Fire Pit with Cooking Grate

Firepits make for the best summer patio decor ideas for 2021.

When I was thinking about the best backyard patio fireplace for decor on a budget, I wanted something with a vintage look.

But, more critically, I wanted something that easily allows me to cook burgers, hotdogs, grilled zucchini, and roasted marshmallows – without firing up a flat top grill or rigging together a haphazard backyard cooking concoction last second!

Why I Love the SunnyDaze Decor North Galaxy Fire Pit:

  • One of the most affordable ways to throw an exquisite backyard barbeque banquet.
  • The fireplace looks impressive in your backyard, on your patio, or alongside your garden.
  • Spark screen helps to prevent flying embers – keep your dinner guests safe and comfortable!
  • Propane grills are excellent and clean – but nothing beats the smokey flavor of cooking over seasoned wood!
  • Wood grates hold your firewood in place and also promote circulation – so your fire stays piping hot when you’re cooking.
  • Easy-grip handlebars so you can transfer the grill on your patio, in your garden, in your backyard, or wherever you wish.

There’s another big reason that I love this firepit. The best things in life are free!

I’m talking about sitting out back on your patio and swapping stories with your friends and family. That’s the true magic of summer!

Cash is also tight these days, which is why I’m always on the lookout for garden gadgets and outdoor toys that can entertain my guests without needing an extravagant budget.

This fire pit from SunnyDaze Decor hits a grand slam and then some – especially if you love to serve your guests savory (or sweet) snacks and gain a reputation as the swankiest summer party host on your block.

You can also save some money by hosting get-togethers in your backyard instead of springing for expensive restaurants, festivals, or shows. 

Instead of going out, invite your friends over for a blockbuster backyard bash! (And some delicious flame-cooked barbequed meats that they won’t soon forget.)

# 6 – Spruce Your Backyard Decor While Keeping Your Cordwood Dry – Without Spending Too Much Cash!

Sunnydaze Fireplace Log Storage Rack - Multiple Options
Sunnydaze Fireplace Log Storage Rack – Multiple Options

If you spend an entire afternoon splitting firewood, the last thing you should do is let your logs sit loosely on the ground!

The same is true for your friends and family.

If one of your friends stores their logs randomly (and carelessly) throughout their backyard, then I promise this simple storage rack makes for an ingenious gift.

Log Rack Specs and Benefits:

  • Keeps your logs off the moist ground and neatly stacked.
  • Choose from 2-foot, 4-foot, and 6-foot options.
  • Complement your outdoor fireplace with class, precision, and style!
  • A perfect Father’s Day gift if your dad loves to cook with wood!

There’s nothing more frustrating (or embarrassing) than when you invite your friends over for a wood-fired barbeque only to discover that your firewood is damp – or worse yet, soaking wet!

Try to imagine the disappointment in the eyes of your guests as you tell them that you don’t have dry firewood for the backyard barbeque that you promised!

That’s why I also recommend covering your logs once racked – that way, you know (with confidence) that your firewood is as dry as a mummy’s tomb and ready to cook in 5-10 minutes.

# 7 – Want Hypnotic Backyard Decor on a Budget? Try Our New Favorite Backyard Fountain!

Sunnydaze Cascading Terra Bowls Solar Water Fountain with Battery Backup & LED Light
Sunnydaze Cascading Terra Bowls Solar Water Fountain with Battery Backup & LED Light

Sometimes, after a hard day of homesteading, you want nothing more than to lounge in your backyard hammock and listen to the relaxing ambiance of summer.

That’s why we saved one of the best summer patio decor ideas for 2021 for last. 

I’m talking about a backyard decor idea that can soothe your soul – especially if you cherish the sound of cascading water.


The solar wind fountain from SunnyDaze Decor!

The Best Fountain for Backyard Decor on a Budget Specs and Features:

  • 2-gallon capacity.
  • Made from durable polyresin.
  • The fountain weighs roughly 19 pounds.
  • Solar-powered – with backup batteries!
  • The batteries act as a backup for the solar panel – the batteries can power the water fountain for 4 hours – even if there’s no sunlight!
  • You don’t need wires or plumbing – install anywhere.

There are two reasons that I love this fountain as a summer patio decor idea.

First, I love the LED lighting that brightens your fountain at night – if you spend your summer evenings on the patio, then here’s a fun way to brighten your backyard decor on a budget.

(You’ll adore the way the fountain’s flowing water lights up at night! As will your guests.)

I also appreciate how the pump features solar-powered batteries – so you don’t have to waste energy, increase global emissions, or spend extra cash on your electric bill.

What Are Your Favorite Summer Patio Decor Ideas for 2021? Did We Miss Any Cool Ideas?

If you’re anything like me, then you’re already planning your next outdoor jubilee.

But I can’t keep my attention everywhere all the time.

That’s why I’m counting on YOU to let me know about the niftiest garden gadgets, outdoor gear, solar-powered toys, and other outdoor goodies that you’ve found.

Please leave a comment below if you have any cool ideas for backyard decor on a budget – I appreciate your feedback and love to hear your thoughts!

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