3 DIY Dog Treats – Pupper Nutter Truffles, Good Boy Gravy, and Milkshake

Just like we do, our dogs love a treat every now and then. We’ve just added 2 little puppies to our family, Mr. T and Spot the Dog. They are, of course, the cutest thing ever, and I love their antics when there’s a treat to be had. They’re 10 weeks old now, weighing just over 26 pounds each.

Here’s Spotty:


I know right, super cute! Some more puppy spam… Mr. T!


Dog food, for me, is no different from people’s food. I want to know what’s in it.

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I found out recently that commercial dog food can contain absolutely horrible things like plastic, sawdust, growth hormones, fecal matter, rat poison, and even euthanasia drugs!

Do you really want to feed that to your furry family members?

Yeah, didn’t think so. It’s disgusting and rather hard to believe but these are all ingredients that have been found in commercial dog food.

Since we raise our own cattle, I have been focusing on a more natural diet for our dogs. It’s easy to feed them all a bone a day, but how do I make sure they get all the nutrition they need, especially our latest 2 tiny additions, being growing pups?

Switch to a truly natural dog food like Wild Earth. Their Clean Protein Dog Food has all the protein and nutrients a dog needs, without any of those awful ingredients.

Today, I want to share a couple of DIY dog treats with you, made with Wild Earth dog food.

The first:

1. Homemade Dog Treats With Peanut Butter and Pumpkin

homemade dog treats peanut butter pumpkin

This healthy treat will be a pooch’s favorite!

It includes pumpkin, yogurt, and peanut butter, each with its own benefits. Pumpkin is filled with vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber. Pumpkin can be especially helpful if your dog has a sensitive stomach or problems with his digestion.

Yogurt is full of protein and calcium, and if you pick a natural yogurt, it also provides probiotics that help a dog’s digestive system.

See the full recipe at PetPlate!

1. Good Boy Gravy

Hannah Kaminsky's Good Boy Gravy Recipe

This is a yummy sauce to pour over your dog’s food – a nice treat for a special occasion or a little booster for sometimes.

Note: These recipes are meant as a sweet treat, just like you might have a cookie or a cupcake sometimes. The gravy, for example, is not intended to pour over your dog’s food every day.

It includes lentils, full or fiber, protein, and essential minerals.

See the full recipe

2. Pupper Nutter Truffles

Sweet Summertime (Doggie) Treats with Hannah Kaminsky

A yummy raw DIY dog treat with rolled oats, chia seeds, and peanut butter.

See the full recipe

3. Biscuits and Banana Milkshake

Sweet Summertime (Doggie) Treats with Hannah Kaminsky

A yummy, cooling treat for your pup in liquid form! Once you’ve blended all the ingredients, simply pour it into a bowl.

See the full recipe

Do you make your own dog food or dog treats? Please, please share them with us! It’s time to show commercial dog food manufacturers that we do NOT want that crap in our dog food by voting with our feet; buying responsible, natural dog food and making our own.

What NOT to Put In Your Homemade Dog Treats

Homemade dog treats give you full control over the ingredients and benefits of the food you’re feeding your dog.

However, there are several things you shouldn’t feed your dog. Here’s a list, provided by PetPlate:

  • Corn syrup
  • Artificial colors
  • Brewer’s rice
  • Propylene glycol
  • Nitrates or nitrites
  • Vegetable oil
  • Excessive amounts of salt
  • Xylitol (found in some peanut butter)
  • Sweeteners
  • Added sugars
  • Spices (avoid pumpkin pie spice, which often contains nutmeg, which are harmful to dogs)
  • White flour (if a homemade dog treat recipe asks for flour, swap it out for a whole grain flour or oat flour or find a different recipe entirely) 
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Wow sometimes I wish I was a dog….
Those puppies are super cute. They will be so healthy eating those.
Disgusting what they put in dog food.

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