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13 Best Outdoor Banquette Ideas With Photos

Best outdoor banquette ideas! When you’re hosting outdoors, there are a whole bunch of seating options at your disposal; benches, deckchairs, armchairs, and patio seating to name just a few. But we think that the best way to get everyone together is with an outdoor banquette. Not only do banquettes save space and seat lots of people, many also have storage built-in under the seat.

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What Is an Outdoor Banquette?

A banquette, as per the dictionary has a few meanings. In military terms, a banquette is a narrow area behind a wall, used to shoot at attackers. In a defensive trench, a banquette is a bench built into a wall for sitting and, again, shooting at attackers.

In some areas in the US, like Louisiana and Texas, a banquette is the sidewalk, as per a quote by Kate Chopin:

The boys were dragging along the banquette a small “express wagon,” which they had filled with blocks and sticks.

The term we’re most interested in today is the banquette as a seating bench, upholstered or not, such as the seating you see in restaurants along a wall, or corner benches in a kitchen.

Banquettes aren’t just good for large gatherings, they also save space as well as providing a means of storage if you build them right. So, check out some of the creative ways people have transformed their outdoor spaces. 

1. Hidden Storage Banquette by New Eco Landscapes

Best Outdoor Banquette With Storage

New Eco Landscapes are responsible for this stroke of genius. Though it’s not your conventional type of banquette, it opens up the rest of the patio for drinking, dancing, or anything else that takes your fancy. Keeping the seating to the sidelines means you’ve got heaps of space for guests, but won’t struggle to make room for the spread of food and drink. 

We know what you’re thinking: surely the wood isn’t nearly as comfortable as padded seating? Well, there’s the beauty of the design; underneath those wooden panels lies hidden storage space, in which you can hide away the comfortable stuff. No worrying about the elements ruining your cushions or whatever else you want to store away. 

2. Simple Banquette Seating by Kingsley Bate

Kingsley Bate Lutyens Teak 6' BenchKingsley Bate Lutyens Teak 6′ Bench

Sometimes simple is better. Kingsley Bate has the right idea with this real teak banquette seating that makes the perfect centerpiece for the end of a pool, as they’ve done here. Or, you could scatter a few of these benches on a patio or beneath a tree in the yard. 

Teak wood is one of the best materials for withstanding the elements. It’s been used since the 7th century, originally as a shipbuilding material, as its adept at keeping away dry rot. The natural oils also repel termites and other pests. In other words, you won’t have to carry it to cover every time the weather takes a turn for the worse. 

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3. Floating Banquette by On Common Ground Landscapes

Floating Banquette

Want to transform your seating area but don’t have much space to work with? The designers at On Common Ground Landscapes got around that roadblock pretty easily using a floating banquette. No, it’s not something out of Aladdin; they’ve affixed wooden benches to the wall with LED lighting underneath. This creates a great effect and a talking point for your guests when the sun goes down.

It also goes without saying that there’s space for storage beneath the benches. Wooden boxes or wicker baskets could slot right underneath and hold all those blankets and cushions that you really need to make the space feel cosy. 

4. Circular Tree Banquette Seating by Frontera

Barlow Tyrie Glenham Teak Circular Tree Seat (price per half)Frontera’s circular tree seat comes in sections and can be put together as a half or full circle arrangement. The individual seating units slot together, leaving a hole in the center that could even be used to plant flowers that will accentuate the banquette.  The unique design means that you can surround a tree or water feature with outward-facing seating for plenty of guests. 

If you’re lacking protection against the weather in fall or spring, but the leaves still haven’t yet made their descent from the trees, then this kind of seating is perfect. Surrounding a tree, you’ve got natural protection against the rain, as well as an inviting banquette seating area that won’t take up any additional space in the back yard. 

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5. Festnight Outdoor Wooden Storage Banquette

Lovely wooden outdoor banquette with storage underneath by Festnight. You can get this functional banquette for under $200! Bring some rustic charm to your outdoor living with this storage banquette made of solid acacia wood. It is hardwearing and has a large storage compartment underneath the seat.

A seat cushion is included for extra comfort and the wood has an oil finish, easy to maintain. The banquette measures 47.2″ wide, 24.8″ deep and 33.1″ high.

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6. Banquette With Fire Pit by Pederson Associates

Banquette With Firepit 2

Outdoor banquettes are perfect for those warm summer months, but when autumn and winter come around, you’re going to want to keep warm. We’ve talked about outdoor heaters before, but what if you could do something more seamless? That’s exactly what the designers of Pederson Associates have done by installing a fire pit in front of their banquette. 

Banquette With Fire Pit

We love how this seating is embedded directly into nature, surrounded by hills, shrubbery and trees. It’s also completely transformed an otherwise limited terrace area into an outdoor lounge for relaxing or entertaining. See some more backyard inspiration here!

7. Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Banquette for Patio Decor and Outdoor Seating

This is one of the most popular banquettes on Amazon, with over 4000 excellent reviews! It is also one of the cheaper banquettes we’re looking at today, you can currently get it with the matching 37 gallon deck box for under $150. Be sure to check the price on Amazon!

The deck box is perfect as a matching patio table, and it stores your cushions inside. The Eden banquette is made of durable, UV-protected resin, so you don’t have the hassle of maintaining wood. It’s super easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth when it needs it!

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8. Corner Pockets With Seating 

Corner pockets are a great solution for anyone dealing with limited outdoor space. If you’ve ever been to a restaurant, then you’ve probably already seen how effective they are at making use of every ounce of space available. 

C. Marie Designs have highlighted this tactic perfectly with these two different arrangements that integrate a corner pocket with other types of outdoor furniture. You could add a small coffee table or bring in a table with additional seating to create a dining space. 

9. This DIY Outdoor Banquette by Deeply Southern Designs

Diy Outdoor Banquette

The designers behind this DIY banquette had a powerful driving factor behind their choice to integrate the banquette seating into the side of the house. Without the integrated bench, the seating that accompanied the table blocked off the foot traffic through the porch. So, instead, they built a bench straight into the side of their home. 

Outdoor space isn’t always easy to come by. And in some areas of the country, you’re going to be at the mercy of the elements with regard to whether you can use it at all for large portions of the year. This solution solved both problems; the lack of space and the need for cover from the rain or snow. 

This includes a full tutorial for building your own custom DIY outdoor banquette! It even includes a planter box, built into the bench itself, I absolutely love that idea. The hole is just the right size for a simple, rectangular plastic tub.

Diy Outdoor Banquette Final

10. Anderson Teak Del-Amo Banquette

Anderson’s Del-Amo storage banquette can be used as seating with storage underneath. Handy for storing your cushions safely, or even your pool equipment!

This banquette has ventilated sides so won’t have problems with mold or mildew with the things inside the storage area. It doesn’t come standard with cushions, but you can buy them to suit or you can order them from Anderson as they are made to order in a variety of colors.

It is made of great quality teak wood, a banquette to last for generations!

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11. Rattan Patio Banquette Furniture Set 

This rattan patio furniture set is probably recognizable to anyone here as being one of the cornerstones of a banquette outdoor seating area. Rattan doesn’t care about rain, snow, or sleet; and the weather-resistant cushions and tempered glass afford the kind of durability you’ll want to feel comfortable in leaving the seating outdoors throughout fall and winter. 

It is made of high-quality PE rattan which is waterproof and UV-resistant. Underneath the rattan look is a powder-coated steel frame for durability and toughness. It comes complete with 2 single banquette sofas, 1 loveseat, and 1 coffee table, as well as soft, thick sponge cushions.

You can get the whole set for under $230 (check the current price on Amazon!), a very affordable option for a great quality banquette outdoor set!

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12. Classic Stone Banquette by Shearer Landscaping

An amazingly stylish, ultra durable, stone banquette by Shearer Landscaping, built in Columbus. This banquette setting comes complete with firepit.

13. Retaining Wall Banquette

This is a retaining wall with a purpose! A truly stunning banquette complete with daybed, built into a retaining wall. This is waterfront living at its best. A great use of space in this small coastal backyard in Seattle.

These were 13 of our best outdoor banquette settings, a very practical way of using your space to its best advantage. Which banquette is your personal favorite? Let me know in the comments. Make sure to check the prices on Amazon and the other websites to make sure it hasn’t changed.

My favorite was probably the DIY banquette, mainly because you can build it totally to suit your space. It does require effort though, so if I was to buy one, it would be the circular tree banquette from Frontera. I have a huge Mango in the front yard and it would look amazing there I think, what do you think?

A circular banquette around this mango tree, what do you think?


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